A TV Show About ‘Sleeping Beauty’? YES PLEASE!

We’re all about fairy tales. I mean who doesn’t love a good fairy tale? One of our favorites is Sleeping Beauty – so no surprise that our love grows when we hear about the possibility of a television show that tells what happens after Aurora woke up?


The television show would be entitled, After, and would be all about Aurora’s life after she woke up from her 100 year sleeping curse. Basically shit has gone down while she’s asleep and she’s gonna wake up to her birthright being in the wrong hands and she’s gonna have to become a powerful warrior to set things right.

Does it sound like something you would enjoy? We’re all about it – if it’s done right. The show would be based on Rhiannon Thomas’ 2015 debut novel A Wicked Thing. Yup – we’re buying this now.


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