#TVD’s Best Hook-Ups, Twists, Deaths, & More! Ranked by Fans!

In honor of TVD100, there have been many, many lists that look back at all the twists, turns, hook-ups, deaths, and omg moments, but only one list that has been compiled completely of fan responses, and that one comes from the People’s Choice folks!

There’s a lot of stand-outs in this list, and a lot of scenes that are quoted often in my household, but my three favorites are . . . drum roll please . . .

What was the hardest goodbye?Alaric


Along with being Elena and Jeremy’s guardian and Damon’s BFF, Alaric was one of the few stabilizing (read: not crazy) characters on the series. It’s one of the many reasons why the audience loved — and continues to miss — the Mystic Falls teacher.

R. I. P. Alaric.  We miss you, buddy.

A close second, for me, is Damon killing Lexi!

To find out which character you voted that you “could have done without,” continue reading!

A character you could have done without? April Young.

Via askxaprilyoung.tumblr.com

Via askxaprilyoung.tumblr.com

Oh April…sweet, naive April, you never stood a chance.

And, please, don’t bring her back.  Jeremy has Bonnie, he doesn’t need anyone else.

The best villain? Klaus.


He was so good he got his own series. ‘Nuff said.

So very much “’nuff said!!!”

To see the rest of the favorites, head on over to the People’s Choice Blog by clicking HERE.  I have a feeling there’s a few more out there that you guys might like!



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