Two Faces Added to the Cast of ‘Cordon’

George Young (Casualty) and Trevor St. John (One Life To Live) have been added to the cast of Cordon – which is a new CW pilot. We totes admit that we’re partially interested in it because it’s a Julie Plec pilot.

What can we say – she captured our hearts with The Vampire Diaries and The Originals.

Anyhow George Young will play a doctor – and that’s always a hot thing. Nothing like a man can take your temperature. But once again, I digress. The doctor he plays is a powerful one – Dr. Victor Cannerts, Director of the CDC who gets quarantined in the city hospital within the Cordon and cut off from his resources.

Trevor St. John will play Leo, a once-celebrated personality in the world of journalism, who must dust off his investigative instincts in order to uncover the machinations he believes lie at the heart of the outbreak.

Are you interested in Cordon?

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