Why Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman May Be The Best Live-Action Man of Steel We’ve Seen On TV As Of Yet


For those of you who aren’t much into the DC TV verse, let me update you: we’re got a new Superman and his name is Tyler Hoechlin. Most well-known for playing Derek Hale on Teen Wolf, Tyler Hoechlin is the newest actor to don the iconic ’S’ symbol and after watching the Supergirl premiere, I daresay, his portrayal is the best I’ve seen yet.

Almost two weeks after the two-part Supergirl Season 2 premiere and re-watching both episodes at least three times, I can confidently say that yes, Tyler Hoechlin is possibly the best live-action Superman we’ve seen since Christopher Reeves. 

A long line of actors have worn the iconic red cape; Christopher Reeves, Brandon Routh, Dean Cain, Tom Welling, Henry Cavill — just to name a few.

But there’s something wildly different about Hoechlin’s Superman. 

To me, he’s real

To be honest, one of the biggest criticisms I’ve had for the Superman comics was about the characters surrounding Superman: how is it that one man can take off a pair of glasses and rip away his button-down shirt and suddenly transform into a superhero? How can nobody figure out that Clark Kent and Superman are the same person? 

It wasn’t until a friend pointed out that that was the point. The Man of Steel isn’t some rich orphan fighting the city’s villains as a self-appointed crusader (sorry, Batman, but gotta call it like I see it). He’s about encouraging people to do the right thing in whatever capacity they can. This superhero is about making the readers feel like any average person can be good — can do good

And Tyler Hoechlin nails that. His Clark Kent is awkward and realistically clumsy and all sorts of endearing while his Superman is strong and confident.

It’s two sides of the same coin and his portrayal is proof of that.

In my opinion, not many actors could have nailed Superman’s seeming vulnerability, his impeccably controlled anger, and his sarcasm as well as Tyler Hoechlin.  

Of course, part of the praise should go to Greg Berlanti and the writers for giving us the Superman that DC cinematic verse should have given us; the more human version the Man of Steel. They’ve given us a peek into Clark Kent, into his relationship with his boss at the Daily Planet, and into his role as Kara’s cousin. 

This Superman doesn’t seem like he’s a superhero out of the reach of mere mortals; this Superman feels like he’s just like the rest of us, if only with special abilities.

I’ll admit it — I’ve been a fan of Tyler Hoechlin since the days of Teen Wolf and it is just amazing to see him graduate from the role of a werewolf to that of Superman has left me feeling like a proud mama bird. 

While I’m sad that Superman won’t make a reappearance in Supergirl for a while, I am incredibly hopeful that we will see a spin-off for Superman soon. 

Until then, off I go to watch Kara Danvers take on the hard-hitting world of investigative journalism.

Supergirl airs Mondays at 8/7c on the CW.

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