‘Under the Dome’ Star Britt Robertson Talks Her Characters Struggles

UNDER THE DOMEI was really pissed off when The Secret Circle was cancelled. Especially the way it ended. I was like “WAIT! WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENS NEXT!” And though I never got my answers, I was excited when the stars of the show started coming back in new television series.

Britt Robertson talked with TV Guide about her character and working on the television show.

Angie dies right off the bat in the book. So how happy were you to learn that she would actually survive the initial dropping of the dome?
Britt Robertson: I actually learned it in the opposite way. I obviously knew that I was going to be in more than one scene. So when I signed on to do the TV show, I was like, “OK, I should read the book.” I started reading the book and then she’s locked up in this closet and dead and is joined by another dead person who is a regular on this show. I kept reading the book thinking that my character was going to miraculously come back to life, but she never did. [Laughs] It was an interesting way to not have any information on my character except for the fact that they did reference her [posthumously] a few times throughout the book. I didn’t have as much backstory as some of the other people have gotten for who their characters are based off the book. But I was definitely excited that they wanted to do more with my character than keep me dead in the closet.

Did that still make you nervous that at any point they could kill you off?
Robertson: Yes. It’s interesting with these types of shows, I feel like that’s a threat anyways. So you go into these kinds of shows and say, “Well, they really could kill me off in two or three episodes, but I guess since I do die in the books so quickly, that even makes that threat a little larger.”

What will Angie be facing in that fallout shelter as she attempts to convince Junior to let her go?
Robertson: That’s the battle I’ll face for a good four episodes. When I first met with [executive producers] Brian [K. Vaughan] and Neal [Baer] before we even started shooting, they mentioned this idea that Angie has this way with not even just men, but people in general where she can manipulate them and get what she wants very easily by using different tactics. In a way, she’s been doing this her entire life. When she gets trapped in this fallout shelter with a guy who she’s known for the majority of her life — she knows him probably better than anyone — she uses every skill, every tactic, every manipulation that she can to get out of there. Ultimately, he’s just not the person who she thinks he is. It’s a really fascinating frustration for Angie because she’s fighting being able to control him and manipulate him, yet she’s being entrapped by this guy who is just insane. There’s no reasoning with him.

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