The Unsung Hero of MTV’s ‘Scream’

(via @smashleywalsh)

(via @smashleywalsh)

We all know that it takes an army to create any television show. From the actors, to the directors, to the cameramen, to even the craft services, there are so many people that create your favorite show just so you can enjoy it in your pjs with a bag of chips on your chest. It takes a lot of hard work and most of the time only the actors get recognized. Now, obviously, the actors do a lot of hard work and I’m not discrediting them. Nor am I trying to make anyone from the peanut gallery shout “Hey, well, I follow all the writers of {insert show} on Twitter! I appreciate them!” Cool! Awesome! I’m glad you appreciate them. And now I’m going to appreciate someone.

On a show like Scream, there’s *a lot* of injuries. I’m talking there’s so many cuts, scrapes, dismemberments and blood that the shark from Jaws would be freaking out. Yeah. It’s, at some points, kind of gruesome. Remember Will’s brutal death? 

(via tumblr)

(via tumblr)

But without some pretty talented people, we wouldn’t have those nightmares of getting slashed in half, or stabbed with a corkscrew. One person in particular to thank is Ashley Walsh, who is the head of makeup on Scream.

Walsh has been a part of the show since the beginning and obviously has had to do some pretty nasty stuff. Again, Will’s sliced head? She’s a [DJ Khaled voice]: major key to Scream and is pretty much responsible for creating what makes us watching Scream, grimace and shove those chips off of our chest.

But don’t worry, she also makes sure that our faves are looking pretty and ~flawless~ when running away from masked killers. In her words from an interview with, “You’d be surprised how well being drenched in blood really brings out the eyes!” My hero.

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Getting Willa ready for her close up… TONIGHT on MTV!

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Honestly, I’m majorly impressed with Walsh’s work. She makes all of those injuries look realistic with makeup and I don’t even know how to contour my own face. In that same interview from last year, Walsh, when asked about her overall concept for the show, says, “My inspiration were the heroines of the Cold War era horror genre. Amidst all of the building suspense, dark characters surrounding them and visually dark sets/lighting, these women always looked flawless and angelic. I loved the idea of the “anti contour”- instead of sharp lines and features, I instead wanted the focus to be of smooth, flawless skin and a glowing visage.”

Okay, nice. NICE. Walsh obviously put a lot of thought into the makeup for the show and, whether it’s blood running down Emma’s (Willa Fitzgerald) face or Brooke’s (Carlson Young) pink matte lips, it truly shows. You can read the full interview here(She even gives two essential products for a Beauty 911 Kit)

Although Ashley Walsh isn’t the killer, (probably) she does create killer prosthetics as well as creating those realistic as F looking injuries. Check out some of her work—taken from her Instagram, below. And make sure to follow her on Instagram (@smashleywalsh) to get BTS looks at all of our favorite injuries!

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