‘Once Upon A Time’ 7×02 Review: “A Pirate’s Life”

Ok, so…first things first. One, I must apologize for not being able to live tweet last night. Something came up and I didn’t even see the episode myself until early this morning. Two, let’s just say avoiding Twitter so I don’t see spoilers is very difficult. Anyways, enough on that. Let’s get into the episode, shall we? What worked…what didn’t….what left me confused….and just down right disappointed. Trust me, you’ll want to stick around for this!

Well, I think the best place to start is to start with what didn’t work. My dad always has said to go from where it stopped working and figure out how to make it work. So, I think I’ll use that in a way for this review. So…


  1. Well, I had this thought last week and couldn’t put it into the words I wanted to, but now that another week has passed, I have to say something! It makes no logical sense that Henry would just not talk to anyone from Storybrooke for YEARS! Was this of Henry’s choosing? Could he not get home? It makes no sense because Henry has three very powerful women in his life that would find an easy way between the realms for him. It has to be his choice. Still I have many questions about all this. IT JUST DOESN’T MAKE SENSE!
  2. Emma getting a chance to see Henry after YEARS apart and not taking it. It also makes no sense for her to tell Hook to lie to Henry about her well being. Regina, I’m right there with you. Thank you for asking the question I think most fans are asking.
  3. Why in the world did Hook think killing the guard was ok? At least our fully developed Hook who is in love with Emma Swan. Hook, word of advice. Knocking him out would’ve been fine. To me, this was over the top and uncalled for.
  4. WTF happens to Emma? I mean cursed Emma. It’s not really explained. I mean how are they going explain what happened to Emma post curse without her on screen. It just doesn’t work and them saying all will be revealed about what happens to Emma, to me is a lie. In the sense that her and Hook got their happy ever after, yes, it was truth. I need to know what happened post curse. How did it affect her? Without Jennifer Morrison returning for another episode, I don’t know how they are going to do it. I need to know because Rogers mentions Emma healing him later in the episode and I’m just confused. Like how does cursed Emma know about her magic? Is she not cursed? So many questions. I’m so confused! Also, if Hook believes his wife (it might not be Emma) dead and his child lost, WTF? Why put all this effort into developing such an amazing couple to do this to them. I’m disappointed in you, OUAT. Also, you bring Jennifer back for one episode and don’t use her more than this? I’m so disappointed. There were endless possibilities that were not taken.
  5. How some of these characters have extra money. Henry for instance. He might make some money driving for Swyft, but it can’t be that much extra. He’s obviously struggling. I mean he even notes he’s got a job to job. Anything from bartending to waiting tables. It’s somewhat unrealistic. Believe me, I’m living this life too. I get the struggle. To me, he’s struggling. Unless he’s been incredibly good with his money, him saying he has an extra $550 dollars to help out Jacinda is unrealistic.
  6. How is the Enchanted Forest taking away Regina’s magic? Also, how does Emma still have hers? This place is so full of magic that it taking the magic of one of the most powerful magicians ever and leaving the magic of another makes no sense to me. Someone want to explain?
  7. Something that didn’t work: The plot about two Hooks! I get that they needed to have plot to use for Hook and material for Colin. This is the most plausible thing they came up with. Let me just say, for me it’s a  little ridiculous. I guess I’ll have to see where they take this, but as they introduced it in the episode, I just cringed.
  8. How does Rogers have a key to Henry’s apartment?

Since this is the second episode, I’m willing to let some stuff slide as it may be revealed through the season. Inevitably, most items usually are. However, Henry not seeing his family for YEARS without a very legitimate reason needs to be explained better to me. That’s the one I can’t let slide.


1. That opening scene! I’m in love! Everything from Henry and Hook sword fighting on the Jolly Roger to Captain Swan was just perfect and made me feel like I was watching a classic Once Upon A Time episode.


2.  EVERYTHING IS CAPTAIN SWAN AND IT IS AWESOME! Hook and Emma get their    happily ever after before the curse this we know. Remember all the teases we got about a baby? Well, they were RIGHT! Yes, in a scene later on in the episode, Emma reveals to Henry that she is pregnant. Makes a little sense why Hook wanted her to rest, but why is she telling Hook to lie about her well being? However, I will always say CAPTAIN SWAN FOREVER!


 3. GLASS BELIEVER. We didn’t get Henry and Cinderella in a flashback in this episode, but we did get their cursed counterparts. Which, as I’ve said before, have just as much chemistry as in the flashbacks. It was wonderful. Henry was his amazing, chivalrous self. Something I definitely think he got from Charming. Feeling guilty for Lucy being taken from Jacinda, Henry helps her to see Lucy’s ballet recital. The look on Jacinda’s face says it all when she sees Lucy performing. It was just so beautiful. I really loved them in this episode and I can’t wait to see more!

4. Sabine and Jacinda. I just love their friendship. If there’s one thing that needs more positive representation on TV, it’s positive female friendships. This is one of them. Sabine did everything she could help Jacinda get extra money so she could see Lucy’s ballet recital. Another thing I know I failed to mention last week was the representation that these two characters are bringing to TV. Jacinda (Dania Ramirez) is Latina and Sabine (Mekia Cox) is African American. I’m very much here for the person of color representation these two characters represent and I love the powerful, amazing friendship they have.

5. Lady Tremaine/Victoria Belfrey. As I noted last week, this lady is a bitch. She definitely has kept that title this week. She’s an amazing antagonist and Gabrielle Anwar is making her VERY believable and down right viscous. I mean going out of your way to make sure your step daughter can’t see her daughter’s ballet recital. That’s a heartless woman. In a flashback, she also tries to torture Henry. Every time she sees Henry, whether it be in flashback or in the cursed world, this woman has issues with Henry Mills being near Cinderella/Jacinda. She’s literally seething in one scene at the thought of him. One thing I’d like to note, I’ve always wondered what made Cinderella’s evil step mother so mad at Cinderella. Is it just pure jealousy, or is it something more sinister? I want that explored some. One thing I do know is that this antagonist is one of the best parts of OUAT right now.

6. Rogers and Weaver. The ever changing dynamic between Hook and Rumple has always been entertaining to me. Of course, they will be enemies forever. I mean Rumple chopped off Hook’s hand. Hook has his reasons. However, as their cursed counterparts, there was a dynamic that worked. In this dynamic, it proved very much to me that The Dark One is still alive in Rumple, but I can see where some the character development is making him say maybe I need someone who isn’t so corrupt to pull me in. This is Rogers. The straight and narrow detective. They balance each other out. I’m eager for more of this.

7. Emma, Hook, and Henry. This is everything built of classic OUAT. The scene near the end of the episode where Emma and Henry talk, and she reveals her pregnancy, is one of my favorites. I’m very glad Emma admitted that she didn’t like the way Henry left Storybrooke and that she wants him home. Me too, Emma. Me too. Just the emotional goodbye had me in tears. I always love Henry and Hook moments, and I’m glad Henry knows Hook enough to realize that the Hook he was talking to was not our Hook.

8. Regina and Henry. Regina and Henry’s reunion was sweet. I loved it. Again, brought the feels of classic OUAT that most of this episode is severely lacking.

9. Regina, Old Hook, and Henry. I’m already digging this team up! I can’t wait to see more of this as they search for Cinderella. Hello Operation Next Chapter….


If you know me at all, you know I have many thoughts on the future plot, based on what I’ve seen. I want to use this part to speculate.

  1. Hook. Not our Hook. No, Old Hook. I couldn’t think anything else to differentiate them, so there it is. I honestly think the cursed Hook isn’t our Hook. Why would he see Emma and not love her, even cursed. What happened to this Hook’s wife? Was it Emma? Did she die? If they did do that to Captain Swan, after the promise of a happy ending and all the build up of this beautiful couple, you will have many mad fans, OUAT, myself included. THIS was one of the endgame ships. Why destroy it? Let it be. Leave it alone! I guess we will see, but my hope is that the cursed Hook we are seeing is actually the Old Hook that we will be seeing helping Henry find Cinderella over the course of the season.
  2. CONFIRMED! Remember last week when I said Hook’s hand made no sense? Well, Weaver has a line this week that confirms that Hook has a prosthetic. However, I’ve never seen a prosthetic operate so realistically. Unless there’s magic involved. The only thing I can ask of Colin is to make it look more like a prosthetic. I’m having some issues buying it.
  3. Just as Regina was awake during her curse, I think that Victoria is also awake. How could she be such a string puller if she wasn’t. How would she know these are fairy tale characters, unless she’s awake.


I’m going to be trying to continue this every week. This section is for me to state which actor I think was the best during the episode.

This week, I have to give it to Colin. It was his episode after all. Despite my rejection to the two Hook plot line, I do believe his acting was absolutely amazing! The scenes where both Hooks are together were amazing, despite my opinion on the plot. I don’t think there are many actors who could have made a scene such as that so good.


My hats off to you, Colin!


“Wow, you fight like your grandfather!” – Emma

“Second chances aren’t given, they’re earned.” – Victoria

“You seem a lot nicer than she is.” – Henry

“And who are you?” – Drizella “His mother!” – Regina

“As much as I love hugs and tears, can we do it outside the torture chamber?” – Hook

“I’m not a damsel waiting for a prince.” – Jacinda

“A bartender’s like a therapist. I don’t share secrets.” – Roni

“Who knows me in this world? Give me your name?” – Hook

“So, Emma did mention me after all. It’s nice to make an impression.” – Older Hook “Yeah, like a bad dream.” – Hook

“You found love and happiness, when I found misery and heartbreak.” – Old Hook “And cheap rum, apparently.” – Hook

“Oh, does someone have a dark side?” -Weaver “I’m not the man you think I am.” – Rogers

“Now, tell me what you want before I give you a second hook, Hook.” – Lady Tremaine

“Wait. Wait. Wait. You must have a fairy godmother somewhere. Because the perfect job just got posted.” – Sabine


So, in conclusion, there were very obvious things about this episode that I believe worked, ones that didn’t work, and everything in between. There are disappointments, like if they actually killed off Emma during the curse. I went into this episode hoping for so much more than it was because I was so impressed by last week’s episode.

I’ve seen this show week after week deliver episode after episode where I’m blown out of the water. This was not that. I had hope that an episode central to one of my favorite male characters on OUAT would leave me blown out of the water. I am disappointed. Especially with Captain Swan being front and center. As the episode ended, I was left with two emotions: disappointment and frustration.

Frustration, you ask? Frustration at many of the things that don’t make sense. I know this is the second episode and maybe all will be revealed later, but for me there are too many things frustrating me about this episode. After the premiere, I had hope. After this episode, I’m wondering where they are going.

Oh, and as always I miss Snow and Charming….and after this week will always miss Emma.

Here’s the promo for the next episode:

The next episode of Once Upon A Time, entitled “The Garden Of Forking Paths”, airs on Friday, October 21, 2017 at 8/7c on ABC.

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