‘Once Upon A Time’ 7×04 Review: “Beauty”

After finishing the episode last night, I sat there for a while. Speechless. You would think that’s a good thing. Right? Wrong. I couldn’t comprehend what I had just seen. To me, the episode was a jumbled up mess.

Parts of it were quite beautiful, don’t get me wrong. The visuals in the Rumbelle scenes at the Edge of Realms were visually stunning. The make up effects used to age Emilie de Ravin were fantastic. I was amazed by Bobby and Emilie’s acting.

My complaints on this episode were plot related. Some are ship related, but most are plot related. You know the kind. It’s the “THIS DOESN’T MAKE SENSE!” variety. As the episode went on, some questions were answered. Some weren’t and I’m still very confused.

I guess we can start there. Why am I so confused?


  1. The connection between Tilly/Alice & Rumple. There’s an obvious connection. Remember that trippy scene in the premiere where Alice drugs Henry and tells him not to do something? It means Rumple sent Alice to warn Henry about something. However, in the cursed realm it seems Rumple & Alice know each other rather well. How well do they know each other? Because in the scene where she shoots him (which BTW, can’t believe that happened) she shows him the chipped tea cup. You know the one. Did Rumple know the curse was coming? Was the tea cup his fail safe to remember who he was? Many of this stuff confuses me and I need answers. Writers? Do you have them?

  2. Ivy and Henry. What are you doing, writers? Why are Ivy and Henry looking at each other like that. STOP! Whoa. If they do some stupid love triangle thing here, believe me, I’ll call them out for poor writing till the end of my days. Love triangles suck, ok. They aren’t fun to watch and are a poor way to bring angst. So, if they did go there, believe me, you won’t stop hearing about the poor excuse for angst from me.
  3. Is he awake? Who? Rumple. That’s who. Is Rumple awake? There are scenes in this episode where I would say yes. That he’s aware of exactly what is going on.  Like the one where he’s talking to Victoria about Tilly. Then there are others, like the one with the tea cup where he got shot, that I’d say no. When he wakes in the hospital he sees Belle. He also realizes he’s still immortal and calls Victoria “dearie.” So is he? It still isn’t confirmed, and I need answers. I’m leaning towards awake though. Oh, and what tapes Victoria? What do you have on Weaver?


Ok, so. I’m going to admit here that I’m not a Rumbelle shipper. If you came here to read me gush about Rumbelle. Stop. I will be try my best, however, to write without the shipper goggles in place.

Rumple has time and time again proven to me that he only cares about himself. He’s lied to Belle so many times that I don’t know how she’s forgiven him. He’s prevented her from going places. He’s done things to her against her will. When she decided to leave him after she got pregnant with Gideon, I was pleased that she stood up for herself.

Call it what it is. Abuse. Sorry, but I will not write how I love this couple. Because I don’t. I get they are Beauty & the Beast. I do. She saw the man behind the beast, but honestly the beast is still there. He never truly atoned for his actions and because of this, he has not had redemption. He keeps apologizing and never actually meaning it.

I found the scene in Storybrooke with a 1 year old Gideon adorable. Mainly because of Belle and Gideon. Them planning his party and having everyone come. This is the childhood Gideon deserved to get. Belle so dearly deserved to get to be a mother, and now she’s getting to. That part I love.


I love Belle. I found her willingness to help him get free of the dagger true to her character.  In the end, though, Belle knew she had to die so Rumple could become mortal. Belle’s end, and ultimately Rumbelle’s was bittersweet. Despite them living in a place where time stood still, Belle still aged. She still died. As Rumple told Gideon, time didn’t stand still for her.

I do love that Gideon got to go visit Rumple & Belle at the Edge of Realms. If they hadn’t done this, I would’ve called the writers out on forgetting that Rumbelle has a kid. They didn’t fail me on this though and I loved it.


Them paralleling Rumbelle to Up! though makes me sad because using this relationship to parallel such a touching story makes me cringe.

You could say that, in a way, they got their happily ever after. They got a long life together. However, only until she died. He’s immortal. He doesn’t age. He won’t die. Her death scene was so beautifully acted by Emilie and Bobby that I actually shed a tear.

Here’s the thing, though, it’s like Rumple got a happily ever after, but also didn’t. He’s not happy in the cursed world. He’s down right bitter, lonely, corrupt. Even says he doesn’t care about anyone but himself. So, what is it? A happily ever after? Or a tragic ending? Will Rumple ever free himself from his dagger? Will Belle’s sacrifice matter? Will Rumple finally be mortal? Will he get to see Belle again? The only true way for Rumple to actually get a happy ending is if he can die. So, you see how this isn’t what it should be?

This is now Rumple’s fight, cursed or not (we have no way of knowing how aware he is of things). He’s still immortal. He knows it. To get the happy ending he truly wants, he will have to free himself of his dagger and die. So, bittersweet. A death like that is not really a happy ending after all.

Also to free himself of the dagger, he has to find his guardian. Who is it? Do we know this person yet? This is probably Weaver/Rumple’s story the rest of the season. If he’s truly awake, he’ll begin searching for this guardian. If not, when the curse gets broken. I have a feeling a lot of the plot for Rumple will be freeing him from the dagger so he can die and be with Belle.


One of my favorite holidays is Halloween. I often enjoy seeing it in TV shows I love. This was no exception. It felt as though it had swept through Hyperion Heights.

I felt so bad for Lucy though because she had to go trick or treating with her aunt, who could care less about her, except that it made her mother happy. I have advice for you, Ivy. STOP. If you haven’t won approval now, you won’t ever.

As an aunt myself, one of my favorite parts of Halloween is seeing my niece in her costume every year. So, from aunt to aunt, Ivy you need to appreciate Lucy more. You can tell how much Lucy doesn’t mean to Ivy cause she didn’t care until she went missing. This just make me dislike her a so much more.

Also, writers, are you aware what kids get as Halloween candy? Apparently not, because I have never seen anyone give out full boxes of Milk Duds for Halloween candy. Sorry, fun size all the way. That was not realistic at all.

Ok, so the scene with Tilly scaring Victoria is my favorite of the episode. I didn’t think that this episode would make me laugh, and yet, here I did. Sorry, but I love that she scared her. Victoria deserved that.


I loved that at the end Jacinda got to spend time with Lucy. I love these two so much. They deserve to get to spend Halloween together. The face painting. I love it! So many feels.

Speaking of feels, the minor Glass Believer we got in this episode made me more than happy. Please writers, stop the love triangle crap and let Henry and Jacinda be.

There was very little Roni in this episode. One scene n the bar. She was wearing a cute Halloween costume and, of course, she has a drink called the poison apple. She still seems to be the advice giver in this episode. I love this part of her. It was one scene, but the advice she gave Henry was very good.


And finally, Rogers. Again, not much, but there were two moments from him I loved.

  1. When Rogers is in Weaver’s hospital room, I loved his line about Weaver being immortal. I was like, you’re in for the shock of a lifetime, Rogers.
  2. Rogers and Tilly/Alice. The chessboard. I believe with all my heart that Tilly is Rogers’ daughter. Do you notice that the black rook is next to the white night? Yeah, I’m so here for this.

And, last but not least, Victoria and Weaver in the hospital. What tapes? Seriously? I hope answers begin coming. The only thing I got from this scene is almost certainty that Weaver knows he’s Rumple. That he is awake. Him calling her dearie was my proof. He hasn’t done that this season, until now. I wonder how this is going to play out now?


“You must be bloody immortal.” -Rogers

“I took the dagger for one son. I’m not going going to give it to another.” – Rumple

“I’m not who you think I am.” – Weaver

“That’s your mistake detective. I don’t care about anyone.” – Weaver

“Losing a love like that can make you afraid to move on?” – Roni

“Moving forward doesn’t mean you forget the dead.” – Roni


My MVP’s for this week are Bobby and Emilie. The scene where Belle dies is so beautifully acted by both of them that I have to give it to them. Besides, it’s a Rumbelle episode. It’s fitting. Congrats!


So, in conclusion, I found this episode to have it’s redeeming moments, and it’s cringe worthy ones, funny ones, and of course confusing ones. Try as I might I can’t root for Rumple when he himself hasn’t tried to become better.

When he begins learning from his actions, call me. I’ll root for him then. I found the ending they gave sad, but fitting. Rumple’s true ending hasn’t happened yet. For him to be happy he has to die, and he can’t do that quite yet.

Again, a jumbled up mess. I had some trouble explaining it when asked how I liked it by someone who doesn’t watch the show. Matter of fact, that where the term speechless came in because I really was so unable to wrap my head around it. It’s taken me this long to even be able to put these thoughts into readable words.

Here’s the promo for next week’s episode. It’s titled “Greenbacks”. Looks like it’s focusing on Tiana’s background. Also, is the curse unravelling faster than we think? Take a look at what Henry and Roni find.

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