‘Once Upon A Time’ 7×05 Review: “Greenbacks”

When I sat down to write this review, I didn’t know how to piece all my jumbled thoughts together to make the review readable. Seriously, you wouldn’t want to be in my head with how jumbled my thoughts are sometimes. Making words come out that you can actually make sense of can be difficult.

Now, my thoughts on the episode being jumbled is not a bad thing. I found the episode to be quite wonderful. Surprising even. Very well acted.

Let’s get into it!



I guess I’ll start with Tiana. This episode focused on Tiana’s backstory. I found it to be an interesting twist to The Princess and the Frog.

I did find the message Tiana’s mother originally told her was not what she should have done. The message that she needs a man to save her is so cliché in all these fairy tales I could cry. It enrages me because in this day and age, the message we should be sending to young girls is that you don’t need a man to save you. You save yourself. By the end of the episode though, this advice was redeemed in her mother telling Tiana to embrace her father’s legacy. That she could save the kingdom herself.

I love that Once Upon A Time takes the clichés of these fairy tales and twists them to modern times. That they make these characters we know and love into strong, independent women. This is the message young girls need. Yes, even from a fairy tale.

Going from the independent woman thing, I found Tiana learning this without the advice of her mother over the course of the episode. From her encounters with Dr. Facilier, to the “prince” and his true love – which was very predictable (although I did love that he turned into a frog too once the true love kiss happened), she learned that she could handle herself and didn’t need anyone else to help her save her kingdom. This episode made me love her just a little bit more.

I could not applaud the writers more for the writing and Mekia Cox’s acting was absolutely superb in the flashback scenes!


Back in Hyperion Heights, a lot of things take place in a short amount of time. From Victoria and the witch, Ivy and Henry, Roni and Henry, and Sabine and Jacinda – all of it can get busy if you don’t know how to keep it all straight.

So first things first. Victoria, who I dislike more and more by each episode. This woman is brutal. I mean seriously, Victoria. Telling your own child she’s not good enough and that you can replace her. It’s like the writers want me to feel sorry for Ivy, which I guess I do.

I still stand by my advice from last week when I said that Ivy should probably try to stop impressing Victoria. This episode proves that whatever Ivy does, it will never be good enough. Her dead sister will always be better than her in Victoria’s eyes, and that’s just sad. There have been some horrible moms written into this show, and Victoria definitely falls onto that list.

But my question is, what is Victoria doing? Does she know the elevator has a camera? Does she not think she’ll gets caught? Is she really that oblivious? And is the witch more clever than I give her credit for? Is she pulling more strings on this curse than I expected?

Like – PLOT TWIST – Ivy’s awake too! She knows she’s Drizella. I doubt Drizella worked with Victoria on the curse, but I bet that the witch worked with Drizella to pull some extra strings on this curse. This is one epic plot twist with tons of potential. Don’t let me down, writers! It actually makes me like Drizella. If she really pulled this over on her mom, then kudos Drizella. I may not like how she treats the rest of her family, but if she’s this clever, then kudos. Epic!

Remember last week when I called the writers out on trying to set up a Henry and Ivy relationship. Well, this episode somewhat went there. I must say that I’m glad that there was someone around to stop Henry from making the mistake of dating Ivy. That someone – Roni!


Throughout the entire episode, I was like questioning if the writers were reading my mind. It’s like Roni was me. From her trying to encourage Henry to date Jacinda, to deleting Ivy’s texts from his phone, to actually confronting Ivy herself. It was the most epic thing I’ve ever seen. Roni is a Glass Believer shipper. Who knew? I really loved her in this episode because she stopped any unneeded relationship drama that probably would’ve occurred otherwise. I’m so glad they didn’t go there. The moments with Henry and Roni acting like mother and son, and not knowing they actually are were hilarious.

Remember the article I wrote that posted this morning? If you remember correctly, there were two plot twists.

When Roni is with Ivy at the top of Belfrey towers, she finds an old photo of herself and a young Henry. At first she couldn’t figure it out, but when Henry tells her he’s the kid. It’s like something clicks. What that something is, we don’t know. Next week is Regina’s episode, so it looks like we will find out exactly what this plot twist means and how Regina became Roni.


On to Rogers. Rogers has his own worries. He gets a lead on a case that he’s tried to crack for 10 years. I found this plot to be intriguing and funny all at the same time. Also, WHO IS ELOISE GARDNER? The episode still doesn’t say, but whoever this person is, I can guess Victoria is trying very hard to keep her hidden from Rogers.

In this there’s a symbol written in the book of what Rogers called “angsty teenage poetry” that was also tattooed on his arrestee’s (is that a word?) arm. When asked, he just says it wards off evil. However, later in the episode it’s revealed he knows this girl and is actually obstructing the case and preventing Rogers from finding her.

Also, person Rogers arrested – he has one actual hand. Cut him some slack on how he punches – and be glad he isn’t wearing the hook.


Then, of course, there’s Lucy, Sabine, and Jacinda.

In this, Victoria raises the rent on Jacinda and Sabine. Sabine tells Victoria off about it and that they can’t afford it. Which I love. I love having women like Sabine on my TV. Independent, strong, will stand up for themselves. I love it.


Sabine comes up with a plan to bake her special beignets to make money so they can pay the rent. My issue with this plot is that she used all of their current rent money to buy the supplies with out even talking to Jacinda. This is not something you do without talking to your roommate. So, as much as I love Sabine, I’m mad at her for doing this. Now, they really don’t have a back up plan.

Despite all this, the business is successful. They even get help from Lucy. I love the touch of the firefly on the bags as a nod to The Princess and the Frog. There’s a lot of little touches through the episode that I love.

However, Victoria sees this and orders a man named Ralph to “wreck it”. Yes, OUAT went there. I still can’t believe they had a Wreck It Ralph reference.

I also can’t believe a restaurant that serves fried chicken and other fried items doesn’t have a fire extinguisher in the kitchen. I mean I’ve worked in places that didn’t even serve food and we still had a fire extinguisher in the break room. I call it either poor set design or Louie (Jacinda and Sabine’s boss) needs to learn about fire codes.

When I saw the fire in the promo pictures, I was worried. However, to know that Victoria did this on purpose (and that Rogers knows that too), makes it all worth it. Do I feel for Sabine and Jacinda, definitely.

It caused a rift between them that I’m glad didn’t end their friendship. Positive female friendship is something that needs to be shown more on TV and these two have it. I love their friendship, and I’m glad that not even Victoria can split them up. The only thing I hate is that Lucy was tossed in the middle of it.

And, Rogers, you softie. I love that he helped Jacinda find their food truck. Love it! Sabine even made him some of his own beignets to thank him for his help. Love it!


Of all the episodes that have aired so far, this is the one where all the plots have been interesting and make me want more. Much more.


Do I still have questions about parts of the plot? Most definitely.

  1. WHO IS ELOISE GARDNER? I’m probably going to ask this until the question is answered.
  2. Still questioning why Dr. Facilier needed to be liberated. Seriously. Where did he go? I’m glad they did this plot, but parts of it were still very confusing.
  3. Is the witch much more clever than meets the eye? Are there parts of this curse that neither Drizella or Lady Tremaine know about? Like fail safes and stuff so the curse can break.
  4. Where is Rumple? No Rumple in this episode. Wonder where he is on his journey to finding the guardian? To becoming mortal.
  5. This curse is supposed to be like no other before it. It seems many of the characters are just faking it, so is it really a curse?


  1. “Do you know what your mistake has always been? You see belief as something solid and dependent. Something easily removed with one singular blow, but belief is weed. It grows wild and deep.” -The Witch
  2. “You want to push us out, we will just push right back.” -Sabine
  3. “I think maybe you should pick up a hobby or two.” – Roni “I’ll take that into consideration.” -Rogers
  4. “Henry, I’ve seen this story before. Believe me, it doesn’t end with you happy.” – Roni
  5. “When you love someone, you fight like hell for them.” – Sabine
  6. “With a little sugar and spice, and everything nice, we are going to show that bitch who’s boss.” – Sabine
  7. “Don’t think for one second that I wouldn’t trade in my own daughter for an actual assistant. It’s time you shut up, and earned your job title.” – Victoria
  8. “I can’t tell what’s worse. The fact that you believe her, or that you’re falling for her.” -Roni
  9. “I appreciate the Mama Bear routine, but the reality is you aren’t mine.” – Henry
  10. “Yeah, well. If your mother were standing here, she’d tell you three things. Get back to writing. Take Jacinda on a date, and tip me well for giving you the advice you so desperately need to hear.” -Roni
  11. “You hit like a girl.” – guy Rogers arrested
  12. “If your lost girl was drawing that, I’d hate to see whatever evil she was facing down.” – guy Rogers arrested
  13. “I think today we proved that today our business is on fire.” – Sabine “Please don’t let that be literal.” – Jacinda
  14. “Nothing’s transformed me. It’s who always was.” – Tiana


Wow, this one is so tough. I loved so many people in this episode.

I have to say that it’s a tie for Lana and Mekia though. They both were amazing in their scenes. I rooted for Roni and Sabine/Tiana through the episode. So, congrats.


In conclusion, this episode had a twist on a classic Disney movie that I wish they had changed some, some epic plot twists, showing what a strong female friendship actually is, and of course intrigue and humor.

The message of The Princess and the Frog was not that a woman needs to find a man to save her. Tiana is not that. I did love that the “prince” was an actual frog though and it wouldn’t be OUAT without a true love’s kiss to seal the deal.

With the plot twists in the episode, I’m very much looking forward to seeing where they are taking it.

The next episode of Once Upon A Time is entitled “Wake Up Call” and it’s about Regina and how she ended up as Roni.

Here’s the promo, in case you missed it:

Once Upon A Time airs on Fridays at 8/7c on ABC.

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