‘Once Upon A Time’ 7×06 Review: “Wake Up Call”


In the sixth hour of Once Upon A Time’s 7th season, entitled “Wake Up Call,” we find out about how Regina became Roni, more details about the curse, and some epic Glass Believer romance. I’m all for it. I loved the episode. Lana Parrilla shined in this episode, as she should. It’s very Regina centric. I also want to give kudos to Adelaide Kane. She was on fire in this episode.

Now, many people can say all they want about Regina, but she’s been through quite the redemption arc over the seasons. Yes, she’s done some down right terrible things, things Regina has said she feels guilty about, even in this episode. So, yes, I can feel bad for her at the end of the episode. However, it did leave me with a “Regina, what did you tell this girl?”

Oh, and one more thing. I applaud the costume department, I’m loving Regina’s look during the flashbacks. That outfit is amazing.

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Let’s just start there. With Regina and Drizella. In flashbacks, we see them talking about how Drizella has magic and that Lady Tremaine won’t let her use it. I see so many parallels from Drizella to Regina that it scares me. Regina sees it too and even tries to stop her. She tells her nothing will come from letting her hate and revenge fill her. Nothing good comes from a curse. If there’s a woman who knows, it’s Regina. What frustrates me is that she knows it, and still teaches this girl magic. I’m like Regina, this isn’t going to end well. We all know it.


The scene where Drizella goes to confront her mother with her prince (didn’t know she was supposed to marry a prince – but whatever) and she kills him to darken her heart so her mother can’t take it to put in her sister’s body is a prime example of why Regina shouldn’t have said anything about any of this to this girl. Drizella ends up killing an innocent man, and for what, only to hurt her mother.

The one thing I’m glad she admitted is that she will never please Lady Tremaine. With this line being during a flashback, I’m sitting here going…then why are you still trying during the curse Drizella? That part of the character bugs me.

Let me just say that I thought I hated Victoria/Lady Tremaine, and I do. I have every reason to hate her. However, with the plot twist that Drizella was the one who actually cast the curse, I really don’t like her. Just for that reason. Still a lot of this falls onto Regina’s shoulders for revealing her past to Drizella.

Regina regretted it from the start, even tells Rumple that, but my point is Drizella was so full of hatred towards her mother and dead sister she couldn’t see straight. I believe, despite not meaning to, that the curse is partly Regina’s fault. I’m still questioning why Drizella is taking all this out on Regina though. What happens if Henry & Cinderella break the curse?

I know Drizella wanted her mother to suffer, but what has Regina ever done, but help? I have tons of questions now, and I need answers. That seems to be the theme of this season. The more answers we get, the more questions that come along.

Now that Drizella has awoken Regina, and she has her memories back, I’m interested to see where this goes. I feel for her so much because when she talks to Henry at the end of the episode, she knows she’s his mother and she can’t say a word. She also knows to prevent whatever Drizella has in store, that Henry and Jacinda must not keep getting closer. She wants him happy, but she also wants him alive. I rarely say that I hurt for Regina, but in this case, I do.

One thing I do know, is that we now have at least 4 characters aware of who they are and most of them don’t know that the other is aware of that fact. This is going to be interesting to see how this all plays out. There’s definitely more to this than we know. I’m sure of it.



If there’s one thing I love about this new season, it’s Glass Believer. I had so many feels. Especially the scene when he holds the boom box over his head ala Say Anything is just epic and feels inducing. I loved it so much.

I also love them bonding over fixing the motorcycle in flashbacks and the food truck during the curse. I have one question though. How did Henry become a mechanic? I’d love more backstory on this one.

I loved the sword fight in the flash backs. It was epic! It not only shows Henry’s chivalrous side (and sword fighting skills thanks to Hook – and possibly Charming), but that Ella (as we now call her) is not dependent on him to protect her. She can handle herself, and I love it. I love this take on the character so much.



This episode at it’s heart, is very much about the relationship between Regina (even as Roni) and Henry. The mother/son bond they have has always been a core part of the show. This episode is no exception.

Last week, we were left with the shocking revelation that there is a picture of Regina and Henry while they are in Storybrooke. Neither of them during the curse understand what this is and how it could be.

In comes Lucy. Oh, Lucy, I love you. She really does remind me of a season 1 Henry. From the enthusiasm that the curse is just that, a curse, to the belief that the stories in Henry’s book are real. She’s very much a parallel to a 10 year old Henry in this scene, and show. I just loved how enthusiastic she was in this scene though.


Lucy really gets Roni and Henry to think about it though. We learn from Roni that her cursed memories say she tried adopting Henry, but the agency thought she wasn’t a good fit. However, it is proven false by a file they get Weaver (which is a very awake Rumple) to find them. In the end, Roni realizes she is in fact Regina. Again, what did you do Regina? To cause Drizella to make you have to prevent your son from being with his true love. What will happen to Henry if it breaks? Again, the end scene of them alone makes me hurt.




He’s not in the episode a lot, but I did want to cover him. In “Beauty”, we saw that he ended up in the realm with Regina, Henry, and Rogers after Belle died. In a scene late in the episode, he shows up and talks to Regina.

Regina and Rumple have a nice talk about Regina’s regret over teaching Drizella magic. If there’s anyone who would know more on this topic than Regina, it’s Rumple. After all, he’s the one who taught Regina what she knows. I love that they bring that up in this episode.


Despite my feelings towards both characters, they are both in a place where they’ve learned and now regret (somewhat for Rumple) their actions. For the first time, he truly seems to have accepted his fate once he removes himself from the dagger. That, I love.

My question here is because as we saw in “Beauty”, he had a failsafe to wake him from the curse and I kept wondering how he planned for that, but from this episode I can tell he and Regina were aware it was coming, and it seems he made plans to beat it.

As Weaver, who we all know that he is awake and aware of himself, we see him with Rogers leaving the hospital. Rogers is worried about him because Tilly should have killed him, but we also know he’s still immortal, and that he’s fully capable of walking out of that hospital room sans wheelchair.

As I discussed above, he also gets the adoption paperwork for Regina. I loved his “you have a deal” line. That’s classic Rumple. He always makes deals. That’s who he is. It also keeps us aware that he’s awake.



I love them so much already. They are hinting more and more that these two are father and daughter. I just loved the chess scene, and it pretty much confirmed my suspicions with out them saying, “HEY, THEY ARE FATHER AND DAUGHTER!”

Remember in “Greenbacks” where Rogers was searching for Eloise Gardner. Well, he still is. He finds the guy arrested in the last episode dead, meaning that Victoria (that’s my suspicion) had him killed or killed him.

AND WHO IS THIS ELOISE GARDNER? I need answers and every review I write will have that question in it until it’s revealed, especially if every episode has hints. I hope it’s soon. It’s one the mysteries of the season. Anyone would want to find a missing girl, but this case is important to Rogers. I want to know why. I also (just my speculation) want to know why Victoria is keeping all the clues hidden. Why did she kill that man? (Again, that’s not confirmed, but I’m going with it until the show proves me wrong.) What does she have with keeping this from Rogers?


  1. “Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Slow down there Babe Ruth!” – Henry
  2. “If I were the Evil Queen, I would look into my magic mirror and tell you.” – Roni
  3. “Drizella! I should’ve let that thing eat you! You tried to kill my son.” -Regina
  4. “Mix tapes always work.” -Jacinda
  5. “Why don’t we prove this thing together?” – Roni
  6. “If you’re not going to help me, I know a prince who will.” -Drizella
  7. “Heroes always break curses.” – Regina
  8. “What if all the stories in Henry’s book were true?” – Drizella
  9. “I’m your mother first.” – Regina
  10. “All I ever dreamt of was having a mom.” – Henry


At the start of this review, I praised both Lana and Adelaide for their performances, so this goes to both of them. They both killed it in the episode.



I have had a track record with not liking these character centric episodes that OUAT has been doing for our established characters. However, this episode is not with that bunch. I loved it. All of it. It gave me a few more questions, yes, but every episode does and should. If it doesn’t then what’s the point?

I loved the Glass Believer moments, all the moments between Henry and Regina, and Regina realizing that maybe she shouldn’t have ever let Drizella near magic. I was not expecting it to be Drizella at all, and I definitely wasn’t expecting Regina to have a form of involvement.

So, kudos, writers for keeping me on my toes this season. There are parts that I have disliked, I doubt you can truly like everything that happens in a TV show, but I have really enjoyed the season overall. I find this episode to be a turning point for things to come, and I’m excited for more.

If you missed the trailer for next week’s TWO HOUR EPISODE (due to the American holiday of Thanksgiving being the following week), then here it is:

Once Upon A Time airs on Fridays at 8/7c on ABC.

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