‘Once Upon A Time’ 7×07 & 7×08 Photos & Press Releases: “Eloise Gardner” & “Pretty In Blue”


This Friday, Once Upon A Time has a special TWO HOUR episode. I’m predicting this is because of the American holiday of Thanksgiving being the following Thursday. Networks try not to air new episodes on nights surrounding major holidays because the ratings would suffer.

Press release for 7×07, entitled “Eloise Gardner”:

In pursuit of revenge, Hook seeks a dark and powerful magic, but an encounter with Rapunzel could alter his fate forever. Meanwhile, in Hyperion Heights, Ivy’s plot to take down Victoria intensifies and has unexpected consequences for Jacinda and Lucy. Rogers enlists Henry and Tilly’s help in his ongoing quest to find the missing Eloise Gardner, but what he discovers isn’t what meets the eye.

So, will we finally find out who Eloise Gardner is? I certainly hope so with that episode title. And Hook (any version of him) isn’t good. We’ve seen what happens. And what does Ivy (or as we know her – Drizella) do that effects Jacinda and Lucy?

I looks like an amazing episode….and that’s only the first hour!

Press release for the second episode, 7×08, entitled “Pretty In Blue”:

In an attempt to prevent a distressed Alice from running away, Henry and Ella follow her into Wonderland. Once there, Henry realizes that Ella has a surprising connection to this strange world. In Hyperion Heights, Jacinda reconnects with an old friend in a last ditch effort to regain custody of Lucy, but her decision to enlist outside help could put a strain on her burgeoning relationship with Henry.

So, lots of Alice…and Wonderland…that sounds interesting. Looks like some Glass Believer too. And who does Jacinda enlist to get Lucy back that might put a strain on her relationship with Henry? We know Drizella wants Regina to keep them apart because they can break the curse…and something might happen to Henry as well. Sounds interesting. Seems to be my word of choice.

I’m looking forward to this TWO HOUR adventure, are you?

Once Upon A Time airs on Fridays at 8/7c on ABC.

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