‘Once Upon A Time’ 7×07 & 7×08 Review: “Eloise Gardner” & “Pretty In Blue”


Last night, we got two episodes due to the holiday next week, and while I loved many parts of the episodes: *cough* Glass Believer *cough*. There was a part of “Eloise Gardner” I had hoped the writers had learned from over the course of time.

My editor and fellow writer, Lizzie, wrote an article recently on Once Upon A Time‘s problem with consent. You should read it. It’s everything that I need to tell the writers about this plot.

In “Eloise Gardner”, we not only find out the answer to the question that I’ve been putting in every review for weeks, but we also find out that she is the Witch working with Drizella, but also that she is Alice/TIlly’s mother. It also got confirmed that I was correct in my speculation on Wish Hook/Rogers being Alice/Tilly’s father.

The catch though, is that Alice’s conception was not consensual. Wish Hook was raped by the Witch. The Witch is in disguise as Rapunzel and she tricks Wish Hook to sleep with her, thus conceiving Alice and giving birth to her so she can escape her prison. Now, rape is NEVER good. EVER! EVER! However, this show seems to let the victims of that never have their say to their abusers, with the exception of Robin Hood.

Not Belle, whose consent was taken away on multiple occurrences by Rumple. Not Graham, who was raped by Regina more times than I want to know. Robin Hood, who was raped in the same style as Wish Hook by Zelena – was the only one who had any kind of confrontation about the situation he was placed in. And last, not Emma for not being able to legally consent to Neal.

All of this is explained in the link above. What I’m saying here, is that this show has a pattern, and it needs to STOP. It makes me question what’s going on in the writers room. With all the sexual abuse and rape allegations coming to the surface within the past months from Hollywood. It makes me wonder if the men writing this show think this is ok. Especially with this many occurrences throughout the show’s run. STOP WRITING RAPE STORYLINES AND NOT CALLING IT THAT!

So, my hope this time is once Rogers becomes aware that he is Wish Hook again, that he can do what these other characters didn’t get the chance to do, confront his rapist and abuser. Let him get his redemption. Let him not feel victimized anymore. And please let him be a dad to Alice. I loved the small interactions we had in the flashbacks in “Pretty In Blue”. I want that. I want them to get to know each other and be a family. I do truly believe Wish Hook loves Alice and wanted to be able to be a dad to her. The Witch stopped that too. She poisoned both their hearts so they couldn’t even touch each other. Honestly, I hope Wish Hook lets her have it. It’s what she deserves and that’s before helping Drizella with the curse and whatever else she’s done.

There are characters on this show who have done terrible things .*cough* Regina, Rumple *cough* Regina’s got enough redemption now that she regrets her actions, Rumple can never be fully redeemed and we all know that. Him getting off the dagger and getting his happy ending with Belle in the afterlife almost feels too good for the stuff he did to Belle.

This Witch doesn’t deserve redemption either, not after what she did to Alice and Wish Hook, not to mention Rapunzel. Also, helping Drizella cast an unbreakable curse. She has no regrets. Something that we saw even as far back as season 1 for Regina.

Let’s move on from this unsettling topic that I shouldn’t have to even write about in the first place, to something a little more exciting.



Both “Eloise Gardner” and “Pretty In Blue” gave me the most epic Glass Believer feels I’ve had yet. If the gif above is any indication, then they get their first kiss in a flashback in “Pretty In Blue”. I’ve waited 8 episodes for this OUAT, and it finally paid off.

Everything from Henry trying to help Jacinda get custody of Lucy back to trying to take her out on dates was just so adorable. The one thing that was revealed that I was curious about from “Wake Up Call” was why they couldn’t break the curse, and that Regina has to keep them apart. Now, we know. The Witch and Drizella poisoned their hearts and both of them will die when they kiss. I could see how this would make the curse unbreakable. I also see Regina being more cunning than letting this happen and finding a way around it. She’s always found a way around the other obstacles, so why not this one?

It seems she’s going to try. The last thing she wants is her son dead, so at the end of “Pretty In Blue”, she and Henry make a trip to San Francisco to reach out to someone for help. Who is it? I guess we’ll have to wait to find out.


One of the plots that ran through both episodes, is the connection between Jacinda and Lucy. At the end of “Eloise Gardner”, Victoria gets arrested by Rogers for kidnapping Eloise. Because of this event, Lucy gets taken by social services. Despite Jacinda and Drizella both agreeing that Lucy deserves to be with her mother.

In “Pretty In Blue”, we see Jacinda contact the man she says is Lucy father. I’m guessing here that her cursed memories make her think that. Anyways, this man, named Nick, is a lawyer and he helps Jacinda earn custody of Lucy by the end of the episode. All is well now that Lucy is back with Jacinda. Or is it? I guess we will see.



As, mentioned above, the dynamic between these two characters is something I’ve loved for a while now and I just adored their scenes in the flashbacks in “Pretty In Blue”. She even calls him “Papa”. I want more Alice and Wish Hook being a father and daughter so bad. They deserve that, despite the origin of the relationship, which I’ve already stated is beyond screwed up and unjustifiable.

In “Eloise Gardner”, at the end of the episode, Wish Hook goes back to the tower and sings a lullaby to the baby and we hear him sing to her. I willing to bet he was willing to stay in that tower and raise Alice, until the Witch poisoned their hearts so they couldn’t touch. This is such an amazing thing, and you can tell in flashbacks how much they love each other and miss each other. I want them back, OUAT.  And I mean I want Rogers to know Tilly is his daughter. This is definitely a father/daughter relationship I’m here for. How do they get the poison out of their heart so they can touch? I doubt that they were cured.



Now, we all know Drizella is the mastermind behind the curse. We all know she’s manipulating Regina with the consequences of the curse breaking, being Henry’s death. In “Eloise Gardner”, she gives Rogers the GPS coordinates to Victoria’s car so he can rescue Eloise. She also sides with Jacinda that Lucy belongs in her custody.

Now, why does Drizella want the Witch out? There can’t be nothing good to come from this. She states at the end of the episode that she wants her mother to suffer. I’m interested to see where this goes. However, why let everyone else suffer too. Is she just that vindicitive? I’m willing to bet so. Also, her curse name now makes sense. She literally goes around poisoning hearts. Poison Ivy. Genious, writers.

In “Pretty In Blue” she works with the Witch to try to revive her dead sister, only to realize that Anastasia isn’t even in her coffin. So, Victoria did one up her here. My question, why is she trying to bring to life the sister she resents? Knowing that’s her mother’s goal. I’m so confused.  The plot for Drizella (and her interactions with the witch) through these two episodes are so confusing and I need answers. I’m literally screaming, “What is going on? THIS MAKES NO SENSE!”


A lot of Victoria’s plot through these two episodes made no sense. They have her talking to the Witch like she’s behind something, and then they reveal that the Witch and Drizella are the ones causing all the suffering. Why keep Victoria awake? I do love that the Withc revealed that Drizella was always awake though. The look on Victoria’s face is epic.

I find that at the end of “Eloise Gardner”, she got her justice. She deserves to go to jail for what she did. She also doesn’t deserve to raise her granddaughter.  I’m so proud of Lucy for standing up to her. Lucy just didn’t care that she was going to be in trouble anymore. I’ve said it before and, I’ll probably say it again, I hate this woman. I mean I hate Drizella and the Witch more, but I also hate Victoria. Just when I thought they wouldn’t get more despicable, they do.

I still want to know what she knows about this curse. I’m sure since she’s been awake the whole time she knows things, and I want to know what they are. Stuff just doesn’t add up.


We know at the end of “Beauty” that Rumple has been awake this whole time, because he can’t be cursed. At the end of “Pretty in Blue”, Regina reveals to him she’s awake and he plays stupid. She’s like, “You’re awake, and I know it.” I loved that scene so much.

However, in “Eloise Gardner”, Rumple’s prime move was to obstruct Rogers from finding Eloise. Now, we know Rumple doesn’t care about anyone, but himself. So, why help Victoria to prevent Rumple from finding Eloise? What’s in it for him? It doesn’t make sense. Unless it’s part of his plan to remove himself from his dagger, it just doesn’t add up.

Speaking of the dagger, we saw it in “Eloise Gardner”. Rumple’s been keeping it safely hidden from prying eyes.

I do love the dynamic between Rumple and Rogers so much. I’ve always loved this dynamic between these two characters. And it shined in these two episodes.



Through most of “Eloise Gardner”, she was trying to throw Rogers off his path to find Eloise per rquest of Rumple. I love how they use her as an informant on cases.

However, in “Pretty in Blue”, we take a trip to Wonderland with her, Henry and Jacinda. I loved these scenes. This is where Rose Reynolds shined in these two episodes. Between the Wonderland scenes and the scene with Wish Hook, I began to love Alice (and her counterpart Tilly) more and more with every second.



As mentioned above, the majority of the plot of “Eloise Gardner” revolved around Wish Hook. At first his goal was to get to a land without magic so he could get revenge on Rumple. That’s always been his motive, in any realm. However, he sees a way to trap Rumple forever in the tower and tries to go for it. He obviously fails.

And I’ve already pointed out my disdain for the fact that they wrote in another rape storyline. LEARN CONSENT, OUAT! Wish Hook ended up getting Alice though, but the Witch even ruined that for him. I want more Wish Hook and Alice. I know I already said it, but I want it.

In Hyperion Heights, Rogers spends all of “Eloise Gardner” on the brink of solving this case that has eluded him for years. I’m pretty sure that this is by design of the curse. The Witch wanted him to find her and release her.

We see him an Henry deal with tons of roadblocks and we see him deal with it. The acting from Colin in this episode is amazing. Just everything from the singing, to the crying. Just superb.

In “Pretty In Blue”, we get the Alice/Wish Hook reunion mentioned above. As I said, I loved it. Much of his plot in this episode revolves around Tilly/ Alice and it’s epic.



For “Eloise Gardner” it is Colin. Just amazing acting, singing. Loved him in the episode.

For “Pretty In Blue”, it’s Rose Reynolds. Her scenes in Wonderland with Andrew and Dania were epic. Her scenes with Colin were epic.

This goes to both of them. Congrats.


So, in conclusion, I liked “Pretty In Blue” so much better than “Eloise Gardner”. Mainly, because the rape storyline. It made me dislike “Eloise Gardner” very much. “Pretty In Blue gave me epic Glass Believer feels and I got a kiss I’ve waited 8 episodes for.

There are many questions I want answered. Mostly about Drizella, the Witch, and Victoria.

Can I just reiterate one more time, learn what consent is OUAT! I’m sad I even have to focus this much of a review on that topic, but here it is.

Once Upon A Time will take a three week airing hiatus, for the Thanksgiving holiday and to let the season 5 premiere of Agents of Shield air. It will return on December 8.

Here is the promo:

The episode is called “One Little Tear”.

Once Upon A Time airs on Fridays at 8/7c on ABC.

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