'Once Upon A Time' 7x10 Review: "The Eighth Witch"

‘Once Upon A Time’ 7×10 Review: “The Eighth Witch”

I have to say that not many mid season finales of Once Upon a Time have been this good. This one kept me on the edge of my seat when I was watching it. I was captivated by each and every plot and story. Every character. I just loved it.

It makes me want more. Which is sad, because Once Upon A Time is now officially in hiatus until March. Hiatuses happen. And OUAT usually has a pretty big one this time of year. They accomplished their goal, though. Which is to make me want more. To make me want to know what is going on. To see the rest of the season. So, writers, you did your job.

This episode had a few twists and turns in it. We find out who really casted the curse – not who you think. We got TONS of Glass Believer feels. Henry being a dad. ZELENA’S BACK! We also got the introduction to a LGBT storyline that will run the rest of the season. Some drama between Anastasia and Drizella. Some pretty interesting stuff.


Well, all season I’ve guessed it was either Drizella – it’s the most obvious and who they wanted you to think it is. I also thought it was Lady Tremaine early on. Of course, both with the help of Mother Gothel.

Now, we know it was in fact Regina who casted the curse to save Henry’s life. If there’s magic Henry dies. And Regina will do anything to save her son’s life.

I was not expecting this one, so good move writers. This season has been full of twists and turns, but I wasn’t expecting Regina to be the one to cast the curse. I get why she did it – Henry.

Now, Regina has a predicament. Her granddaughter – Lucy – is dying and if they break the curse, she lives. However, Henry will die. How does this end well? It may truly be an unbreakable curse.

I’m sure that Regina figures out something, she always does. However, right now everything seems hopeless.


Before I continue with this review, I have to say that this episode gave me amazing Glass Believer feels.

They are married. I mean we knew that, but seeing it! I mean, Henry is wearing a wedding ring! To them at the hospital at the end of the episode back in Hyperion Heights. Just so many feels. They are my top ship of the new season, for sure.


Just seeing them with Lucy at her birthday party before Drizella interrupts it. It was so adorable. This is what I signed up for.

I love seeing Henry as a dad. Especially now that he believes he is actually Lucy’s dad. And then in the flashback when he’s trying to protect her. I just never thought I’d get to see this side of Henry so soon, but I’m here for it. I need more.


Seeing Henry at Lucy’s beside trying to break the curse the way Emma did in season 1 was wonderful. The problem is that Lucy has lost her belief, and so the curse can’t be broken in that way. What an awesome parallel though.



In the early episodes, it was teased that Alice/Tilly was LGBT. Then the producers teased a storyline for her. I was excited to see them bring this type of representation to OUAT. It’s been something that has been needed for the show for a long time.

We get this in the form of Alice and Robin (Zelena’s daughter with Robin Hood).

I loved seeing them together and it’s been teased that this storyline will run the rest of the season.

Now, the one thing that I did notice is that both of these girls are the result of magical rape. Did the writers purposely put them together? I find it interesting that they went there.



We know that in “One Little Tear”, Henry and Regina are on a trip to San Francisco to find Zelena, who is also cursed. She has no magic and no memories of who she is.

She’s living as a spin instructor named Kelly and she’s engaged to be married. I wonder who the guy is? To make things worse, she’s estranged from her daughter – she blames that on Regina. She says she’s happy despite it all.


However, Regina coaxes her into sharing a drink, and well, in it is the thing that wakes her up. She begins to know who she is again. Her and Regina hug and catch up. She agrees to go help her break the curse. I’m excited to see more of Zelena when the show returns in March.


In the enchanted forest, Zelena is living with her daughter Robin. Regina goes to find her so they can stop the curse from being cast. This is when we meet a grown up Robin for the first time – and she has the same accuracy with a bow that Robin Hood had. Regina looks impressed.


I’m excited to see more of Zelena and Robin in the rest of the season helping Regina break the curse so Henry and Lucy can’t die.



I can’t go a review and not talk about Rumple. He may not be my favorite, but he is certainly intriguing this season. And why does it seem all of a sudden he cares about his great grand daughter?

We know that his arc this season is him trying to find his guardian so he can remove himself from his dagger. This episode continued that. Rumple thinks Anastasia is his guardian. His theory may have merit. She certainly finds his dagger in a hurry.

However, once Rumple realizes that Anastasia is awake because Lucy paid the price, he turns on Lady Tremaine. Quite interesting. And again, why the care all of a sudden?


In the enchanted forest, we see Rumple as the true Dark One. How he got this way, who knows? I’m confused too. He offers advice to Wish Hook about how to keep some of his memories in tact during the curse and gives him a white elephant to help with that. So, at least in the curse he knows he’s still Alice’s father.  It’s an interesting scene. However, it doesn’t seem to have worked.

We also see a scene with him telling Alice to wake him up when the time comes and how to do it. The fail safe we saw put to action in “Beauty”. I wonder how well Alice and Rumple know each other because Rumple used her to warn Henry in the premiere as well. I’m interested in seeing how she got to know him. We also see him with Alice and Robin as the curse is cast.



In the enchanted forest, Alice and Wish Hook are still cursed. They can’t even touch. She asks him to deliver a letter to Robin for her. It’s pretty much their only scene in the flash backs, but it gives me so many feels.

In Hyperion Heights, I have some questions. Like how can they touch? Aren’t they still cursed or does the other curse take care of that? Is that a plot hole, or something that will be explained later on? Whatever the reason, they go on a mission together. I love it. I just hope that they both soon realize in the non magic world who they are soon. Their dynamic is just amazing and I so want to see them be able to be father and daughter.



The title of the episode. In this episode we definitely see how formidable Mother Gothel is. Honestly, I thought that Drizella or Lady Tremaine were bad until a few episodes ago. Then I see who is really pulling the strings. This is our big bad.

She’s a witch as we know. She’s manipulative. She’s part of a coven and it needs eight witches. Apparently, both Zelena and Regina are part of this. So is Drizella (or was). My guess is that the eighth witch is Anastasia. Not only does she seem more powerful than Drizella, it seems Mother Gothel has been trying to get near her all episode. To me, Anastasia is very important going forward.


At the end of the episode, we see Mother Gothel transfer Drizella’s magic to Anastasia and then push her down a well. Drizella’s been betrayed by her sister and Mother Gothel, someone she thought was an ally. Not surprised though. It will interesting seeing where they take this plot. Right now, unclear of her motive. And thus, me saying there’s drama between Drizella and Anastasia.



The MVP this week is Andrew. I just loved him as Henry this week. It’s very well deserved! Congrats!


So, in conclusion, I just adored the episode. As I stated above, it had me glued to the edge of my seat and engaged in every storyline. I just loved all of it. Yes, I have questions. If I’m questioning something, I wrote it above. I’m interested to see where the rest of the season goes.

As for the hiatus, it’s normal for this length of one this time of year. The show will return on March 2. I promise to keep you up to date on all news, even while there isn’t a new episode.

So, until then Oncers.

Once Upon A Time returns March 2, 2018 at 8/7c on ABC.


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