‘Once Upon a Time’ Renewed for Season 7 – Should It Have Been?


OUAT fans, we have news. We’re just not sure if they’re good or bad.

Once Upon a Time has officially been renewed for a “reset” season 7 according to TVLine.

This puts to rest the rampant speculation over the last several weeks (or months, frankly), and yet, it honestly caught us (and probably quite a few fans) by surprise, especially after Jennifer Morrison’s announcement that she would exit the show as a series regular if it was renewed.

However, the plan for the show going forward seems to involve a story “reset” driven by two new characters that will be introduced in the upcoming season finale, airing May 14th. We don’t know their names yet, but the casting calls describe them as a young adult male (played by The Walking Dead’s Andrew J West) and a 10 year old girl (played by Jane the Virgin’s Alison Fernandez). They are to be joined by the yet-to-be-confirmed returning regulars of the original cast.

Once Upon a Time hasn’t left us yet, but I have to ask the writers, and especially Adam & Eddy -PLEASE, DON’T WRITE ANYTHING THAT RUINS THE HAPPY ENDINGS (BEGINNINGS) THESE CHARACTERS HAVE WORKED SO HARD FOR.

Especially Emma Swan.

She has worked tirelessly for six seasons to get to the point she is at today: surrounded by family, happy, and with her one true love. Don’t ruin it by performing some dark curse that erases the last six seasons, places her in a different body, or in an impossible situation that will take all season long to solve.

Don’t ruin the ship – our ship, by forcing Captain Swan to break up to justify keeping Colin O’Donoghue’s Hook.

If we’re getting a Season 7 – and we are, don’t ruin the past 6 just to make it possible. That’s all we ask of you.

So – what do you think? Are you happy/angry/confused? Will you still be watching come Season 7? Share with us in the comments below!

Once Upon a Time airs Sundays at 8/9c on ABC.

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