‘Once Upon A Time’ Sneak Peek 2: “A Pirate’s Life”

TV Line has recently shared a sneak peek of tomorrow’s episode. In the sneak peek we see Hook, Henry, and Emma. It cuts off just as she is about to spill the beans, if you will. Take a look:

The next episode of Once Upon A Time, entitled “A Pirate’s Life”, airs tomorrow night at 8/7c on ABC.

Kayla Blackwell

I'm a fangirl of many things. Currently a writer for Once Upon A Time and The Resident, but I have many intrests that include comics, country music, and science fiction movies. Basically, I'm a nerd and I blame it on being raised by a single father. Thanks, Dad! I'm a huge fan of the DCTV shows (Supergirl, Arrow, The Flash) and a Chris Wood fangirl forever. Mon-El of Daxam, you have my heart.

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