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Is there a moment where This Is Us doesn’t destroy us? Well the answer to that would be no. But I don’t think that it’s a bad thing, I think that it gets us in touch with our inner feelings.

It makes us come face to face with our fears about life, love, and family. It’s one television show that we don’t mind crying to every week.

The second episode of the season is entitled, A MANNY-SPLENDORED THING.

The entire Pearson family visits Kevin on set in Los Angeles for a “Manny” taping. Jack confronts his demons in the wake of his fight with Rebecca.

Though we can’t talk about this episode yet, I can tell you that it resonated with me on such a personal level, that I really broke. But in the best way.

It’s really damn good.

This Is Us
airs Tuesdays on NBC.


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