‘This is Us’ Promotes Pearson Kids to Series Regulars

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No surprise here, This is Us is not ready to stop delving into the Pearson kids younger lives.

According to EW, the show has promoted the actors who play the Big  3 – aka Randall, Kate and Justin – at younger ages, to series regulars for the upcoming season.

That includes Hanna Zeile (teenage Kate), Niles Fitch (teenage Randall), and Logan Shroyer (teenage Kevin), along with Mackenzie Hancsicsak (young Kate) and Parker Bates (youn Kevin). Season 2 will also make series regulars out of the actresses who play Randall’s two daughters: Faithe Herman (Annie) and Eris Baker (Tess).

Lonnie Chavis (younger Randall) is still under contract and will appear in the family drama, but will not gain the status of series regular because he has contractual obligations with the upcoming Showtime comedy White Famous.

Of course, this news comes after it was reported a few days ago that  Alexandra Breckenridge, who plays Sophie, and Jon Huertas, who plays Miguel, would also be series regulars on Season 2.

This Is Us premieres on Sept. 26 on NBC

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