‘The Vampire Diaries’ 7×18: Our Rants and Raves


Last week’s episode, Damon was definitely one way or another going to get Ambrose before his baby bro bit the dust.

We had more flashbacks of the three year gap, Valerie and Stefan broke up, Damon was chasing Ambrose, Bonnie could be dying, oh and Stefan nearly died. A lot went down last week, there were not that many highs, it was all about the drama, but drama is what we love and The Vampire Diaries never disappoints.

But let’s get on with the rants, raves and questions we have leading into the next episode.


  • Lucy – Yes, it was about time she was mentioned again. We last saw Lucy in season 2 at the masquerade ball. She was only in one episode, but she did tell Bonnie that she would see her around. Where’s she been all this time?
  • Team Bourbon – The team was back together. I am so team bourbon, the drinking buddies hunting vampires, doing what they do best. Shame Alaric doesn’t feel the same way we do.
  • Valerie – A character that’s left the show and she didn’t die. I’m a little gutted Valerie’s now left, but I’m happy she didn’t exit the usual way people go, that means she can come back.


  • Ambrose – From what I’ve gathered he’s now in Marty’s body which means he’s a goner. I think they could have really played about with his character, wreaking havoc casing all sorts of problems for the brothers.
  • Calaric – These two don’t seem like they would work as a couple, but the trouble is we haven’t even seen them as a couple yet. Seen as though we haven’t seen them together, and seen more of Stefan pining for her, I think Steroline will be the winning couple here.


  • Will we see Lucy again?
  • Now that the Phoenix Stone has been destroyed, how does Rayna trap her vampire victims?
  • Will they find a cure for Bonnie?
  • Does Stefan still have his mark now?
  • Will the hunter become the hunted? Are Stefan and Damon going to kill Rayna?

The Vampire Diaries airs Fridays at 8/7c on The CW

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