‘The Vampire Diaries’ 7×22 Recap: Gods and Monsters

The Vampire Diaries -- "Gods & Monsters" -- Image Number: VD722_0052.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Ian Somerhalder as Damon and Paul Wesley as Stefan -- Photo: Tina Rowden/The CW -- ©2016 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

It’s time to save Bonnie and the only way to do that is for Enzo and Damon to get inside the Armory. Damon naturally isn’t going to be told what to do as Stefan tells him he ain’t getting inside without a spell, but Damon been stubborn tries and doesn’t succeed. So now Damon goes to his plan B, he needs Valerie or better yet he has an even cuter idea, that comes in the shape of two little three years that can siphon magic. Caroline obviously isn’t about to let her kids help out though.

Last episode Bonnie tackled Matt as he tried to get her out of Mystic Falls, and now Bonnie’s taken Matt hostage kinda, and is on the chase in Matt’s police car looking for Caroline and Damon. Now that she’s got the huntress’ powers, she can see and feel them, making it a whole lot easier for her to find them.

Still on the road and on the run, Caroline chats to her kids and Ric. Not wanting her kids to be part of the supernatural world yet, and confessing to Stefan that one of the twins siphoned her the other week, Caroline’s decided that she doesn’t want the twins involved. Now that they’ve been on the run for a few days and after everything that’s happened in those days, Stefan thinks Caroline’s hatred towards him might have thawed, but she soon shoots him down letting him know she’s still made as hell at him. But there’s no time to talk about their feelings as Bonnie’s on their tail and begs them to drive faster so she doesn’t catch up to them. They soon hit a traffic jam though and Bonnie’s pretty close to catching them. The only way to get away is for Stefan to turn around and literally drive past Bonnie. Now that the  huntress spell is getting stronger, Bonnie can’t seem to let them pass, but Matt’s soon breaks free and steers them off course, letting Stefan and Caroline get away. Trouble now is, Bonnie and Matt have crashed and it doesn’t look good.

Back on save Bonnie mode, Enzo wants to know what’s next in the plan. Well, Damon’s got it all figured out, get a pilot, a plane, head to Dallas and kidnap Alaric’s kids, yep Alaric’s kids. Stefan’s not stupid though, and figures out what Damon’s plan is, so he leaves Caroline to carry on running and sabotages Damon’s plans to get the twins.

Back with Matt and Bonnie, it seems Bonbon is fine but Matty Blue is in pretty bad shape and is losing a lot of blood. Matt obviously needs help, but Bonnie doesn’t stick around and heads off to get her next victim.

Still not in the Armory, Enzo buys Damon some time and decides to play a game of chase with Bonnie. Enzo doesn’t do much running and ends up at their cabin. Bonnie not far behind finds him and the need to kill Enzo gets stronger.

At the Armory, Stefan meets up with Damon. The two have a nice chat about how Damon’s proud of his baby bro for pulling a Damon (he’s referring to the last episode when Stefan kidnapped Caroline to keep her safe even though Caroline wasn’t willing to go) Stefan though has professed he never wants to be that person again. Speaking of Caroline, she’s rang Alaric again and tells him what Damon wants to do, and Ric shocking everyone, thinks it’s a good idea to let the kids siphon the spell off the Armory. And the kids are pretty good at this whole witch thing as they managed to remove the spell off the doors.

Stefan and Damon now have to find the last everlasting and they better hurry up as Bonnie’s trying to kill Enzo. But before they get inside, Caroline wants to tell Stefan something, but he makes her wait till he makes it out. Finding this everlasting guy, is proving quite difficult as they can’t find him and the last place to look is in the creepy vault.  Stefan’s ready to go inside with his big bro but Damon’s decided to do it alone and tells Stefan to get out and see the girl who’s waiting outside for him. Damon’s told him not to feel guilty and as Stefan leaves,  Damon enters the vault, locking the door behind him. Trouble is though, it’s now locked and the only way to open it is with finger prints from an Armory member, problem though, their all dead.

Back at the cabin, Enzo’s managed to avoid Bonnie and her shot gun, then it takes a turn as she takes him down. Not able to stop, Bonnie reluctantly stakes Enzo, but he’s not dead yet. She begs him to stop her, Enzo doesn’t want to fight her though, and tells Bonnie that he’s never been happier than when he was with her. No need to panic though because Damon’s found the everlasting just in time and severs the link between him and Bonnie by killing the last everlasting. Bonnie’s now no longer a huntress and she’s back to normal, good job as well, huntress Bonnie was not her best supernatural look.

And it’s also good news for Matt. As he dreams of Penny, the paramedics arrive in time to save him, woohoo, we can’t live without our Sheriff Matty Blue.

Stefan’s made it out of the Armory and Caroline runs straight to him, talk about awkward as Alaric’s also waiting outside. After seeing the two, Alaric admits he loves Caroline but lets her go because he knows deep down that she doesn’t feel the same way. It’s now just Caroline and Stefan waiting for Damon to make it out of the Armory and Caroline admits that she lied earlier and that there was a little thaw between her and Stefan, and it looks like Steroline are back on.

Damon’s heading out of the vault and rings Bonnie to find out if she’s ok, but it’s Damon that’s not going to be ok as he hears Elena’s voice in the vault and yes it’s actually Nina’s voice. Bonnie and Enzo tell him to get the hell out of there because it’s obviously not Elena. Damon soon realises it isn’t her.

Bonnie and Enzo head to the Armory to save Damon, and Enzo’s the only one that can get inside the vault because he’s still on the finger print recogniser thing. When Enzo gets inside, Damon’s acting kinda weird, so that thing that’s inside there has got to him and now it’s taken Enzo too.

It’s now been a few days and Stefan, Caroline and Bonnie have been waiting to get inside that vault. Alaric manages to crack the code. When Bonnie gets in their though, no one’s there. We flash-forward a few months and Caroline, Stefan and Bonnie still haven’t found the boys. Damon and Enzo though look like they’re having a good ol’ time hanging their victims up in a warehouse.

As the trio try to find Denzo, they all write to Elena in their journals. The best surprise was to find Stefan writing again and writing to Elena .He asks her not to blame Damon for what’s happened because it isn’t his fault. And Matt, he’s all good now and I think he might have decided to leave Mystic Falls behind and that’s it. No one died this time around, this is the first finale not to leave a major cliffhanger, but we defiantly got some closure.  To be honest it was nice, to finish the season with what the show used to be about, the diaries.

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