The Vampire Diaries 8×02 Recap: Today Will Be Different

The Vampire Diaries 8x02 Today Will Be Different

Save the date, a June wedding is on the cards.

That’s right the June wedding could be a thing. Last week Stefan (not on one knee might I add) proposed to Caroline Forbes. So Caroline officially moved in and Stefan starting refurbishing the boarding house. Caroline thought it was his way of distracting himself from losing Damon again but no. Stefan instead was surprising Caroline by making a bedroom for her kids. That wasn’t the only surprise as she find a very nice engagement ring in the top drawer of the girls dresser. And we have to give him some points for that ring because boy was it nice.

To the more dark side of the episode, Damon and Enzo are still Sybil’s little lap dogs. Even though they’re doing her every request, she’s still not happy. Well she’s happy with Damon for the time being but Enzo not so much. So far she hasn’t managed to get inside Enzo’s head. With Enzo not playing the way she wants him to, Sybil wants leverage to blackmail him with. To keep Bonnie safe and Sybil from finding out about her, Enzo lets Sybil in and gives up Sarah Salvatore’s name.

While Damon and Enzo head out on a road trip to find and kill all Sarah Nelson’s in North Carolina. Stefan, Caroline and Bonnie are hot on their trail to save Sarah before it’s too late. It looks like they’ve got their in time to save her as Stefan and Caroline are waiting for her when she shows up with Enzo. Talk about the most awkward family reunion in history.

So as Bonnie and Enzo are ready to get Sarah the hell out of there before Damon shows up to kill her, Bonnie has other plans. Bonnie’s decided to take matters into her own hands and thinks Enzo can break free from the compulsion. But even though she’s vervained and kidnapped her own boyfriend, it doesn’t stop Enzo feeling the consequences from straying too far from Sybil. As Bonnie’s plan to save Enzo starts to go south, she has no other choice but to let him go back.

Back at Sarah’s house, Damon’s showed up and ready to take his orders. Just as it looks like Stefan’s got through to Damon and confessed who Sarah is, Sybil shows up. Damon’s decided not to kill Sarah, but that doesn’t stop Sybil from killing her, as she stabs her leaving her to die on the floor. And poor Stefan’s compelled to sit and watch. Things then get worse for Stefan. After Stefan used Elena as a way to keep Damon from completely turning it off, Sybil’s overheard everything. Now Sybil has the ultimate leverage on Damon. Getting inside Damon’s head, Sybil finds out what Damon daydreams about. As we know, Damon goes back to the time he first met Elena, except now Sybil’s erased Elena from the memory and replaced her with herself. Now Damon has no memory of Elena and has flipped the switch all together.

At the Armory Alaric and Georgie (the intern) find out some interesting stuff about the artefacts they found in the last episode.  As they dig deeper, it turns out that Georgie isn’t just an intern but someone who has been to hell. That’s right, Georgie has been to hell. So some time ago, Georgie was in a car crash and died. After being brought back to the land of the living, all she could remember was a symbol that she then got turned into a tattoo. But the symbol isn’t just any symbol. It has something to do with the siren research RIc and Georgie had been looking into. Later Georgie finds an artefact with the same symbol on that she thinks has come from hell. So does this symbol have a connection to Sybil?

Now back with Sybil. After Bonnie lets him go, Enzo is forced to give up more information. Sybil wants more leverage on Enzo and the only way to do that is to get back inside his head. It looks like Enzo can’t resist anymore and Sybil finds out about Bonnie. She finds the memory where Bonnie has to let Enzo go after failing to save him from Sybil. Enzo didn’t want to be anywhere near Bonnie for this exact reason because Sybil would find out. So after trying for all those months to keep Bonnie safe, it looks like Bonnie might now be in danger.

That’s it for this episode. The next episode of The Vampire Diaries, Caroline’s got a June wedding on the brain. Check out the promo below.

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