The Vampire Diaries 8×06 Preview Guide: Detoured On Some Random Backwoods Path to Hell

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It’s all about to get very intense on tonight’s episode of The Vampire Diaries.

Now The Vampire Diaries can be very dramatic but tonight’s episode sounds like we won’t have a minute to rest.

Caroline and Alaric are on a mission to find their kids before anything bad happens to them. Stefan’s about to set off a chain of events that will do who knows what. Calaric are about to come to blows and Enzo’s in trouble again. Phew a lots going down in tonight’s episode.

To get your sneak peek into tonight’s episode directed by the man himself Paul Welsey, check out the synopsis, promo and episode stills below.


When her children become the focus of the Siren’s latest plan, Caroline (Candice King) takes drastic measures to ensure nothing gets in the way of keeping her family safe. In a race against the clock, Stefan (Paul Wesley) pledges to do everything he can to save the twins, while tensions between Alaric (Matt Davis) and Caroline boil over, leading them to face some harsh realities about the future of their family. Meanwhile, when Enzo (Michael Malarkey) finds himself unable to fight off Sybil’s (guest star Nathalie Kelley) latest move, Stefan dives into his subconscious and along the way, sets off a chain of events that leaves him faced with a life-changing decision. Kat Graham and Zach Roerig also star. Paul Wesley directed the episode written by Alan McElroy (#806). Original airdate 12/2/2016.


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The Vampire Diaries airs Fridays at 8/7c on The CW

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