The Vampire Diaries 8×09 Recap: Miss Mystic Falls

The Vampire Diaries 8x09: Miss Mystic FallsIt’s Miss Mystic Falls, the dance everyone remembers, Stefan was going off the rails and Damon swooped in to save Elena. Or in Stefan’s case the moment Damon knew he could steal Elena from him and their vomit inducing romance began, Stefan’s words not mine.

So it’s the pageant and what pageant wouldn’t be complete without two Salvatore’s in tuxes. Sybil’s summoned Damon back to Mystic Falls to hand over the ball device from the Maxwell bell. Trouble is, Stefan’s now full Rippah and Damon doesn’t want to play nice. Stefan however, sees this as an opportunity to get the annoying girl out of Damon’s head, and we’re all thinking he’s talking about Sybil… he’s not.

The two Salvatore’s arrive at the Pageant, much to Caroline’s displeasure, but one person happy to see them is Sybil. We all still think Sybil has a hold over Damon at this point, but something changes and he’s able to control his own mind, and Sybil is not happy.

Not able to get what she wants from Damon the way she wants to, she instead enlists the help of Stefan.  The two team up to remind Damon of the pageant and all the horrible things he’s done. Basically they want him to turn it off because apparently he will not be able to cope with his guilt if he turns it back on.  Thus resulting in Damon joining their team and Sybil gets what she wants.

As those two team up to remind Damon of Elena and their first Dance, Caroline’s doing the same thing. She’s decided to dance with Damon and remind him of his good side. The problem is though, Sybil has messed with Damon’s memories of Elena, so he remembers her but doesn’t feel anything for her. Now that’s going to be a problem for Caroline, if she’s to remind Damon of his and hers relationship, as Caroline also wants the ball part of the bell, and needs Damon on side to give it to her.

While everyone’s feeling the nostalgia at Miss Mystic Falls, Matt’s teamed up with Alaric’s employee to find the bell. He’s having a hard time finding it though, because Seline’s sirened everyone to stop Matt from taking it, and by stop I mean kill him. But he finds it and Matty Blue can stay in one piece. Now he has to get the rest of the pieces of the bell, if he’s to stop the sirens.

Back at Miss Mystic Falls, Stefan’s enjoying his Ripper side but one person not enjoying it, is Caroline. Things turn bloody as Stefan decides to turn all the Miss Mystic Falls contenders into vampires, but Caroline’s able to save most of them but one. Stefan admits he likes the Ripper and obviously, Caroline doesn’t, resulting in Caroline ending their engagement while he’s under Cade’s rule. So it looks like the June wedding could be off.

The one person that does get what they want though is Damon. After Sybil tries to get in his head and control him, Damon decides to take back his control and kidnaps Sybil. At the Salvatore house, Damon’s got Sybil tied up and is ready for some old fashioned torturing.

Check out the promo for the next episode below. Sybil’s not about to go down without a fight.


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