The Vampire Diaries 8×12 Recap: What Are You?

The Vampire Diaries 8x12 What Are You

Following straight after the last episodes events and things are getting worse. Newly human Stefan is on the run, and Caroline’s trying her best to get him to come home. But it looks like Caroline’s going to have to wait a little longer for that to happen as Stefan’s pulled over by the police.

At the police station, Stefan’s held for questioning over a whole load of murders, which of course he did when humanity free. Bet he wishes he had his vampire tricks to get him out of this one. Poor Stefan’s now on a shame spiral following every bad thing he did while under Cade’s control. Don’t worry though, Caroline’s not far behind to save the day as she compels the police officers to set Stefan free and erase any trace of him.

While Stefan’s left to face the music, Cade pops by to give Damon a task. Damon has until midnight to get Cade the Maxwell journal or Stefan dies. But why does Cade want the journal? And if Stefan hasn’t had enough to deal with already.

Speaking of things going from bad to worse, poor Bonnie’s left with Enzo dead outside her new house. Not taking anyone’s calls, Caroline brings in Bonnie’s mom, Abbey. Abbey’s all ready to bury Enzo and let him be at peace, but somethings up. Somehow Bonnie can hear Enzo. It turns out Bonnie might not have her magic back after all like we thought. In the last episode when Bonnie sent out that wave of energy, it was opening the door to hell. Her and Enzo are connected through the threshold.

Bonnie’s determined to bring Enzo back and we so wanted her to bring him back, but it’s not going to happen that way. With the doorway open, it tries to draw Bonnie in, nearly killing her, so Abbey has no other option than to burn Enzo’s body to save Bonbon.  Looks like our chances of Enzo coming back have decreased. It has been promised that Enzo will be back though, so they’ll find a way.

On with his mission to save Stefan, Damon pays Matt and Alaric a visit, and they aren’t willing to give up the journal.  As Matt’s started to get visions from the past, the two of them still need the journal to figure out what’s going on. So the only way to find out what’s happening, is for Matt to be hypnotised. We find out that the Maxwell ‘s and Bennett’s worked together to make the bell. It soon turns to disaster though when the siren sisters turn up, yep Sybil and Seline want the bell for themselves to bring Cade back and kill him.

Having sirened Matt’s ancestor not to speak a word about what the bell can be used for and what artefact can kill Cade, he turns to his journal to write it all down. They never said he couldn’t write it, see there’s always a loop hole. So as Matt finds out what the journal holds, Damon takes his opportunity to steal it, holding up  his end of the deal to Cade, saving Stefan.

Problem is though, Stefan’s life’s at stake twice. Just before he leaves the police station, he hears a little girl asking about her missing mother. It’s the lady Stefan used to switch Bonnie’s house deed. Stefan’s left her for dead in the woods, so he and Caroline head out to find her. Their next problem, Stefan’s compulsion has worn off and the real estate lady stabs him. And it gets worse, Stefan’s bleeding to death and Caroline can’t save him with her blood, because he has the cure in him. Now it’s a race to the hospital before he bleeds out. We all know what happens when a vampire no longer has the cure in them. Poor Katherine found that out. But no need to panic, Caroline gets him there in time.

Back with Damon and he’s got the book to give to for Cade. But now the gang no longer have the answer on how to kill the devil. Damon isn’t stupid though, of course he’s read the pages before Cade could destroy the journal. So now Damon knows what he needs to kill the devil himself he and Alaric can team up and take Cade down once and for all. That’s not all though, someone else wants in… Kai. Kai is back and has somehow managed to escape hell. We can’t see Dalaric wanting to team up with him after what he did to their girls.

Still on his shame spiral and like he hasn’t had enough of a rough day, Stefan decides to head to Bonnie’s to apologise. However, before he can even reach the door, he’s tasered down by some mysterious person and kidnapped.

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