The Vampire Diaries casts Joel Gretsch as Matt’s dad?

Joel GretschIs Matt’s dad heading to The Vampire Diaries? Joel Gretsch has been cast in the finale season of TVD and will make his first appearance in episode 4.

Entertainment Weekly has the low down on the newbie, who will play Peter Maxwell, he’s described as.

“a blue-collar guy who abandoned his family a long time ago. He is shocked when his grown son walks back into his life to reconnect — and to drag Peter into a world of supernatural dangers.”

Sounds like Matt’s papa to us.

We’ve never seen Matt’s dad nor heard much about him, but we’ve always been curious to who this dude is. Now we can find out, that is, if it is Matt’s dad and well the poor guy is about to be dragged into some crazy ass shit.


The Vampire Diaries returns Friday October 21st at 8/7c on The CW

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