The Vampire Diaries SDCC Interview: Julie Plec

Julie Plec sdcc interviewJulie Plec what can I say. She is The Vampire Diaries goddess that we should all bow down to for bringing us eight seasons of TVD.

She has taken us on an emotional roller coaster over this series, from devastation to joy, from hate to love. If only we had the capability to turn it all off, it would be so easy. But no we went through it all and Julie was the one to take us along with her and the characters on a whirlwind adventure.

While at Comic Con we had the chance to sit down with Julie Plec herself. And we got the low down on season eight because we need details.

A lot was covered but one thing we all want to know is, will Elena/ Nina be coming back? “Well put it this way, Nina has made a promise to comeback to bring Elena full circle. We haven’t discussed if and how and when. If she came back tomorrow I would like her to be there for the whole season. Maybe evil herself could be Elena, or Nina or Katherine.” Oh Miss evil herself as Katherine, I like it.

Julie also touched on the subject that this season will return back to what it was that made us fall in love with it in the first place. “We are circling everything back to the beginning, a tone, a feeling the horror sensibility, the relationships… at its core is an emotional return to what we all fell in love with at the beginning.” Oh this is going to be an emotional season filled with nostalgia, we’ll be grabbing for the tissues every episode.

She even mentioned the idea of bringing old faces back one last time, because let’s be honest we miss them. “It is my goal to the extent to revisit those people without completely humiliating myself as a writer to see them all again.” No Julie we would love you forever if you bring them all back. I wish for Lexi, Grams, Aunt Jenna, Katherine, Jeremy, Tyler, Jo. Oh there’s so many, can they all fit into 16 episodes?


The Vampire Diaries returns Friday October 21st at 8/7c on The CW

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