The Vampire Diaries: Are Stefan and Caroline Breaking Up Again?

tvd steroline 7x13

The CW

These two just can’t catch a break, if it isn’t for humanity flips or magical babies, or huntress marks. It now sounds like a new face might come between the two.

TV Guide has got the latest scoop on the rocky couple and who the mysterious girl is that’s about to come in and wreck everybody’s hopes and dreams. Not that we’re bothered or anything. Who are we kidding, we’re totally bothered, they finally got back together, it’s their time.

We hear that a powerful new woman is coming to town, and she quickly takes a liking to Stefan. What this woman wants, she usually gets – even if she has to use questionable methods.

But after everything they’ve been through together, Stefan or Caroline aren’t going to let their relationship fall apart without a fight. When Stefan is forced into this dangerous woman’s life, he must carefully balance appeasing her without losing himself in the process.

How does Stefan somehow always manage to attract the cray cray ones? Well, let’s hope she doesn’t get between the two because we are not down for that.


The Vampire Diaries returns Friday October 21st at 8/7c on The CW

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