Veronica Roth Talks Four & So She Has Our Attention

While some are receiving FOUR: A DIVERGENT COLLECTION early – we’re like you – anxiously awaiting. But as normal – the good thing about anything is press. Yes, sometimes it can be the devil and sometimes it can be fun.

Love that Veronica Roth sat and talked with Buzzsugar about Divergent and Four: A Divergent Collection.

As you may know – Divergent was originally written from Four’s POV, her recent trip to the Insurgent set and more.

On what she wants to write next

 I don’t know! That’s a scary question. Especially while all the movie stuff is still happening. So it kind of feels like it’s maybe not time to move on while they’re still shooting Insurgent. I love writing for teens, so I think that’s where I’m going to stay, at least for the time being. I would really miss them if they weren’t my readers anymore. But other than that, I don’t know what could come next. I have a couple ideas — we’ll just have to see which one works the best.

On the movies

I think it’s definitely just exciting. And it’s kind of wonderful because my work is kind of done. I get to watch them play around in the world that I created. I kind of get to relax a little bit from the creative part of it and work on whatever I want while nobody’s watching for a while. So maybe by the time the last movie comes out I’ll probably be like, “OK. It’s time to get going on something else.” But right now it’s just superfun and exciting, and that’s it.

On seeing The Fault in Our Stars

I loved it! It was so good. You know, when Shailene first appeared on screen there was not a single second that I thought, “That’s Tris.” I was like, “That’s Hazel!” I just think it’s funny because everyone was so upset about this, and when they’re on screen as Gus and Hazel they do such a good job transporting to this totally new story. Of course, Laura Dern made me cry multiple times. She’s amazing. It was great.

There is so much more. Read the entire interview – HERE.


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