Victoria Justice Covers Venice Magazine

We’ve recently been watching a lot of stuff that Victoria Justice is in, so we hope that you can understand why we find her new interview in Venice Magazine. Not only is the starlet a great singer, she’s also a great actress.

The South Florida native talks everything from Victorious to where her career is going.

[highlight]On roles after Victorious:[/highlight] “I’ve grown up a lot since I started on Nickelodeon. I’ve been making a conscious effort to seek out roles that are a little bit more mature and grown-up.”

[highlight]On being grateful for Nickelodeon: [/highlight]“I’ll always be grateful to Nickelodeon because that’s where I got my big break. It was an amazing opportunity to be able to do two things that I love: singing and acting. I learned so much from Nickelodeon—including having a good work ethic. From 17 to 20 years old, I think I worked harder than most people have in 10 years of their life.”

[highlight]On her love for Florida: [/highlight]“I love South Florida. As much as I love L.A., it doesn’t compare to the beaches back home, that turquoise-blue water—it’s just so beautiful. I have a soft spot for Hollywood Beach, where so many weekends of my younger life were spent strolling on the Broadwalk, eating ice cream and renting those banana bikes.”

[highlight]On her character in The Rocky Horror Picture Show: [/highlight]”has this interesting arc: She starts as this very naive and innocent young woman, and has this sexual awakening in Dr. Frank-N-Furter’s castle. A lot goes down.”

[highlight]On where her career is going:[/highlight] “I think there is a bit of a stigma when you come from Nickelodeon or Disney,” she says. “People will have preconceived notions of you. But so far, so good. I’m really proud of the projects I’ve been a part of since my Nickelodeon run, and I’m slowly but surely showing different sides of myself.”

Photos: Venice Magazine

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