Video: #Reign’s “Dirty Laundry” Producer’s Preview – terrible life choices are made

So, when you think your life has been threatened by your brother and the future of king of France, the best thing to do is return to his castle and discuss things with his wife.  Who, by the way, you tried to make your own wife while taking the throne for yourself.  Right?

Oh Bash, I love you and I never want to see you leave, but is sneaking into Mary’s rooms and accusing her husband of trying to take your life the best decision?  I understand that at the moment you do not have many people on your side, but surely this isn’t the right course of action.  I really hope things work out for you though.

And Lola, oh Lola.  I had such high hopes for you becoming a bitter woman because Catherine had Colin murdered.  I saw you as angry and sleeping around, but not with Francis.  And now you will be tied to him forever, because you’re pregnant right?  And Bash will somehow help you out with this?  That’s what the following means right?

I am absolutely obsessed with the new show Reign. Any spoilers at all would be amazing. –Michelle
Ausiello: How about this? Torrance Coombs hints to TVLine that Bash might just get cozy with one of Mary’s ladies-in-waiting in a future episode. “There’s a strong possibility of that,” he says, but “maybe not in the way that you think.”

Although (in my opinion) Mary wed the wrong brother, I am absolutely loving how they are all tied together.

What do you think is to come for these royals and royal adjacent?


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