Vote ‘Faking It’ as MTV’s Best Comedy Fandom!

Make sure to vote for Faking It in the MTV Fandom Awards for comedy’s fandom of the year! With its one liners and little zingers, Faking It proves that it’s hilarious writing keeps the audience entertained just as much as the drama between the main characters. The show is up against Orange Is the New Black, so it’s gonna be very close. Let’s hope the Faking It fans can pull ahead and grab the crown! Here are some of Faking It’s funniest moments.

When Shane walked in on Lauren trying to take a naked pic.

Shane walking in on Lauren

When the sprinklers went off on Shane and Pablo.

the sprinklers going off on Shane

When Lauren was on ecstasy.

Lauren being on ecstasy

When Amy compared Karma to a horny parrot.

Amy comparing Karma to a parrot

Amy’s one liners.

Amy cracking a lesbian joke

And this burn.

Shane burning Lauren

You only have a few more days to vote, so head over to MTV’s website and click to vote and get Faking It to the final round! And if we don’t make it, at least we still have Karmy. (Which is up for best ship, so let’s make that happen too!)

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