Wait, MTV’s Rebooting Scream Already?

Rebooting a reboot?

Well we don’t hear of it that often, but it looks as if that is what MTV is doing with Scream. Deadline is reporting that MTV is in the midst of rebooting the series for season 3. That would include a new cast and a new storyline.

Gotta say we are kind of surprised.

MTV has gone through a major leadership change and they are working on the channel. We’re glad that they remain committed to the series (though we want them to be that committed to Sweet/Vicious too).

Deadline is reporting the news. Apparently the cast of the first two seasons has been granted permission to look for other jobs.

Guys, we loved the cast, so we’re taking this one kind of hard.

We know that part of the genius of anything is reinvention, but is this reinvention too soon?

MTV is looking for new showrunners for season 3. Rumor is that Season 1 showrunners, Jill Blotevogal and Jaime Paglia, will return.

Scream was renewed for a 6 episode third season.


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