Wait! Is This A Roadblock In That ‘One Direction’ Reunion We’re All Hoping For?

It has been around 800 days since One Direction went on hiatus, and every one of those days fans have been waiting impatiently for a reunion. While we have been treated to incredible musical treats by all four, performances beyond our wildest dreams, appearances on some of our favorite shows, and four times the awesomeness. And yet, despite what we have been given, there is just nothing that quite compares to 4/4 taking the stage.

Alas, another bump in the road towards a possible reunion has surfaced this week, as the band dissolves its touring company, Rollcall Touring Ltd. Despite endless promises that the break was not a break-up, no news regarding a reunion has come since the band performed their last song together on X-Factor in late 2015. All 4 were looking forward to a break, as there had been no such thing since the group formed in 2010. Recording and touring endlessly since their inception, they were clearly tired and in need of a breather. Taking a chance to dabble in solo efforts, branch out and see what the world has to offer was on their minds, and in the last 26 months we have been treated to the spoils of their work.

I guess time will tell if this really is the  end of One Direction, or if it is simply a coincidence.

What do you think?


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