What We Want to See From Jessica Jones Season 2

What We Want to See From ‘Jessica Jones’ Season 2

With the new season of Jessica Jones slated to begin streaming on Netflix March 8th, 2018 we thought we would talk about what we would love to see this season, ranging from realistic to our greatest fantasy about Jessica Jones aka a reunion with Luke Cage.

From all of the sneak peeks, trailers, and promotional photos we’ve seen of this season of Jessica Jones, there’s lots to look forward to. And being the fangirls we are, the biggest thing we’re stoked for is a female character mostly written by women and completely directed by women. Jessica Jones is a ground-shaking series in many ways and we’re ready for its arrival!

Here’s our list of things we’re hoping to see in Jessica Jones Season 2!

Malcolm Actually Healing

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These Marvel series are better at dealing with mental health issues than any comic book series I’ve seen. Keeping that in mind, one thing I would love to see, because I love Malcolm as a character, is for him to deal with and heal from what Killgrave turned him into, the things that he was forced to do, and the person he became.

Killgrave turned him into an addict. And I applaud his character for giving up cold turkey. But it’s never that simple. I want to see him be tempted. I want to see Malcolm fight his temptation and become a stronger, better person for resisting it. I really need to see this type of character play out because this is people’s reality. And it would be a great foil for Jessica who constantly gives into temptation to mask her pain.

To have that moment of Malcolm continuing to triumph over his addiction is a powerful message. And if any show can pull it off I feel like it’s this one. Jessica Jones at its heart is about the people she surrounds herself with just as much as it is about Jessica herself.

Trish Being a Badass

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We’ve already gotten a glimpse of the fact that Trish is going to be ready to stand by Jessica’s side and kick some ass no matter what comes her way. Trish was rocked by the events of season 1 but I feel like her turn in The Defenders is what really cemented her need to fight back. We know that she’s been training and honing herself for a while. But Trish felt safe after Killgrave was gone. She went back to life as normal. I don’t think it was as easy after Midland Circle.

The fact that we’ve gotten shots of Trish with a gun, just goes to show that Rachael Taylor is ready to have her character get in on the action. Trish has always been super protective of Jess, feeling the need to mother hen her, especially after the way her mother treated Jessica. But it feels as though now she’s ready to step that up even more. In the trailers she’s seen pushing Jessica to deal with her shit. But I don’t doubt that given the opportunity she’ll be right at Jessica’s side, cheering her on!

Will Simpson, Period

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Will Simpson was such a big part of season 1. He went from being controlled to Killgrave to being obsessed with hunting him down side by side with Jessica and Trish. He was hell bent on revenge and getting his life back. But when he went to IGH and took the help they offered something completely snapped inside of him. Will Simpson became a monster, something almost worse than Killgrave because he knew better.

After being dragged away unconscious, after getting his ass handed to him by Trish, we’ve never seen Will Simpson again. He’s a big question mark left from season 1 and I’d be happy with even a mention of him from either Trish or Jessica. With them investigating IGH more in this season, it’s quite possible we could see him or get a mention at least of what was done to him at IGH.

Jessica and Luke Reunited

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We know from the way The Defenders ended that Luke still cares deeply for Jessica. He even says that he’s gonna check up on her more. But as far as we can tell from the trailers he’s not expected to appear at all this season. But Netflix could be hiding this much as they did with the brief “appearance” of Frank Castle in The Defenders.

Seeing as Luke Cage is most likely (not 100% sure as we don’t have a release date yet as filming is in progress) the next Marvel Netflix show to air, it’s quite possible we’ll get some sort of sneak peek or set up for everything to come. What can I say, I’m a fan of the comics and this relationship!

Jessica Jones season 2 streams worldwide starting March 8th on Netflix.

What are you most excited for this season? Which of the Defenders do you hope makes an appearance? 

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