‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Cast Talks New Spinoff

What happens when heroes and villains team-up to take down an evil immortal? You get a group of Legends and a badass crossover spinoff.

The cast of The CW’s DC’s Legends of Tomorrow are talking all about the Arrow/Flash spinoff in these new interviews from DC All Access at The CW Upfront.

Here’s what the cast touched upon:

1. Caity Lotz spoke about her return as White Canary

While the trailer confirmed Caity Lotz’s return as White Canary, the former Black Canary touched upon her story in Legends. “She’s going to be very interesting because of her circumstances and her backstory. She’s definitely is going to have dealt with some of the stuff that non of the other characters have.”

2. Legends will give us Hawkgirl’s origin story

While we’ve gotten a brief glimpse at Hawkgirl, we’re wondering how her storyline will take shape. According to Ciara Ramirez, they’ll be taking story lines from over the years and melding them together.

4. Despite Robbie Amell’s absence the other half of Firestorm will “be around”

Ever since it was announced that Victor Garber (who plays one half of Firestorm) would be on Legends, we’ve been wondering about his more attractive half, played by Robbie Amell. So where will Ronnie Raymond be? “He’ll be around,” Garber said.

5. We might see a new Captain Cold after he starts working with these heroes

Has — rather will — Captain Cold go soft on us? “There’s something in Captain Cold that’s kind of blatant, moral code that, now that he’s forced to interact with these good guys, may start to take shape in new and unexpected ways.”

6. Ray is going to be the group’s leader

While Rip Hunter will be the leader of the group (as he knows the future and is a time traveler), it’ll be Ray Palmer who will be the one who rallies the group. “Ray’s there to usher everyone together, and kind of help the heroes and villains come together,” Brandon Routh said.

Legends of Tomorrow premieres midseason on The CW.

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