Wattpad and Sony Pair up for First Look Deal

It’s great news for authors and tv fans alike. A new deal that gives Sony Pictures Television a first look at the newest, biggest and greatest on the Wattpad platform, giving way to the possibility of incredible new, original content.

Wattpad has already been at the helm of Netflix and Hulu hits with the Kissing Booth and Light as a Feather respectively, and with the After movie hitting number one all over the world, it is clear that Wattpad writers have what it takes to not only tell compelling stories on the page, but that those stories translate to hit shows on the screen.

This new deal gives Sony the first-look option for up and coming Wattpad stories, using the company’s Story DNA machine learning technology and staff curation to identify the most promising stories on the platform. With more than 70 million monthly users, there is certainly no shortage of content, and a built in fan base for much of what the site produces.

This is not the first deal between Wattpad and Sony, as the pair announced the upcoming SYFY series for Katerina Tonks’s Death is my BFF, the paranormal hit with more than 60 million reads. While the series is in the early stages of production, the partnership has already proven to be successful in bringing creative, and addictive content from the online world to the screens of dedicated fans.

Wattpad already has worldwide entertainment partnerships with eOne, SYFY, Universal, Hulu, Netflix and more.

“Our entertainment partners all over the world have seen the power of our data-backed approach to IP discovery and development. Wattpad stories are some of the most innovative and creative that have ever been written. The stories and diverse voices on Wattpad deserve to be heard all over the world. And our partnership with Sony does just that: bringing Wattpad stories to new and existing fans all over the planet.” – Aron Levitz, Wattpad Studios

Congrats to Wattpad and Sony on this incredible new partnership, and we can’t wait to see our favorite stories find a home on  the screen!


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