Wattpad Block Party Author Interview – @FallonDemornay

As promised, Fangirlish is providing you lovers of all things Wattpad with exclusive interviews with some of the authors of this summers Wattpad Block Party. Writers of countless genres, tastes and inspirations, we have no doubt you will find your next great Wattpad obsession with their amazing works.

Everyone meet Fallon Demornay

What is it about Wattpad that makes it such a wonderful forum for writers?

The community, hands down. Speaking from personal experience, writing used to be an incredibly isolating pursuit. I started when I was eleven, thanks to a school project where we were all expected to write a 5-chapter length novella. That was the moment the light pinged on in my brain and I knew – this was it. This was what I was meant to do with my life. I’ve been writing every single day since. Between the ages of twelve to seventeen, I crammed in at least six hours of writing in every single day, while handling full time school, assignments, etc. (Basically I never slept because the voices in my head wouldn’t let me.) It also meant I had little room for a social life. My parents used to watch me with this kind of bemused expression – and the few friends I did open up to couldn’t grasp why I was so emotionally invested in these fiction characters/worlds.

I never knew anyone else like me, who was not only a voracious reader but a writer. Who dreams became stories and those stories became facets of my soul. And that’s why I mean by isolating. Not just the hours I’d spent plunked behind my computer, lost in my own world, but through not having anyone else in my life or around me I could connect to that understood and shared this passion.

Until Wattpad.

Not only is it brimming with talent, it’s such a positive space. I can’t get over how friendly, inviting and encouraging majority of members are. Whether they are new or established with a massive following. It’ been a truly remarkable experience and I’m so glad I took the plunge and signed up.


What is your genre? Why do you love it?

I write whatever I feel compelled to write. And I say this as especially when I was younger, I wrote everything from poetry to historical to epic high fantasy and paranormal, but one common thread through all of my writing has been romance. Perhaps that’s in large part because I was always filching my mom’s romance novels, so everything I read always involved strong women and the men who wooed them.

As of now I focus mainly on adult contemporary romance, I delved into adult erotica (and really enjoyed it) and am now exploring my voice in New Adult chicklit which is a style I’ve never done before (on my secondary account @StilettoSisterhood).

What I love most about the romance genre is the promise it makes to the reader – no matter how painful the experience I’m about to put these characters through, you can count on one vital fact: the ending will be a happy one. Love and life with prevail, the bad will be punished and the good will be rewarded. It’s all about the happily ever after.

I think in a reality where planes are dropping out of the sky, school girls are being kidnapped by extremists and kids are being shot up in a grocery store for wearing hoodies – when I escape into a book, I want it to uplift me by the end. I want to feel happy. And that’s what romance delivers every single time.


What are some of your personal accolades and milestones you have reached with your writing?

Last year I was a Top 10 Finalist in a writing contest with a major publishing house, Harlequin. SO YOU THINK YOU CAN WRITE is an annual contest with upwards of a thousand entrants all compete for a chance to win a publishing contract. Contenders go through three rounds of live voting (Top 50, Top 25 and Top 10). So I made it straight to the bitter end with my Wattpad Featured novel OUT OF FOCUS.

It was a glorious and every educational experience. I honestly didn’t expect to make it as far as I did, but mentally I told myself – let’s say you do? What do you need to do to get there? And planned accordingly. Which is a good thing because it saved me from a lot of last minute stressing.

My Finalist novel for SYTYCW received a review from industry elite Romance Times in their digital magazine (RT BOOK REIVEWS) as one of the Top 3 novels on Wattpad [Jan 2016]. Following that review, I was contacted directly by Kathryn Falk (CEO of RT) to write an article about my Wattpad experience which was released in their digital May 2016 Issue.

Romance Times is a HUGE force in the romance industry for the last thirty years. Every year they hold an annual RT conference. So to be reviewed by and write for them, as an unpubbed and unknown, was a pretty big deal to me.

And in February 2016, an excerpt of the same novel was featured online with Cosmopolitan.

I still totally geek out over all three.


Is this your first Wattpad Block Party? How does it feel to take part for the first time? If you’ve participated before, what has participating in past Block Parties been like?

This is my first time and I’m such a fangirl, I totally squeeee’d when I saw the acceptance email. My first experience in an anthology of any kind was with Michelle Jo Quinn and I immediately fell in love with the comradery it fosters. As I previously mentioned, Wattpad is an exceptionally positive place, but an anthology experience is a spectacular way of transforming the daunting process of making friends less daunting.

I’ve seen the famous Kelly Anne Blount Wattpad Block Parties happening over my last year and half on the site and always told myself – “self…one day you’ll get there. One day.” And now I am! I totally feel like I was invited to sit and eat lunch with the cool kids. It’s a little surreal and I’m crazy, stupid excited.

Who are some of your favorite Wattpad authors and why?

OMG I could give you a list from here to the horizon. You should see my library. Ridiculous how much untapped talent is on this site but the ones who have me bouncing in my seat when they update and who are guaranteed to suck you in with their amazeballsness. (Yes, that’s a word), are as follows (in no particular order):

@RoxanneTucker Was the first writer on Wattpad that made me question everything I knew about writing. (And why I now have a raging obsession with the show #Arrow.) Her latest WIP is a testament to her brilliance with creating memorable characters & scorching chemistry in THE BILLIONAIRE’S PRINCE where the power dynamic is flipped on its head with a female CEO out to bring a Prince to his knees.

@LDcrichton is 1/4 of the well-known #Wattpad4. Not only is she talented, but she’s a huge sweetheart and is the genius behind swoon-worthy Jackson Sunday in BEFORE SUNDAY (though I am def all #TeamXavier & patiently awaiting his leading man debut, I dare you not to fall in love with Jax.) Lola is the quintessential good girl with a backbone who makes a wish to find ‘a love so real it hurts’ – only to have that wish come true. It’s all the feels and then some.

@kfxinfinity – I never thought I’d say this, but I love Kim Kardashian & am OBSESSED with emoji’s thanks to his epic fanfic #KKBTG. It was hilarious, poignant and beautifully written. So it should come as no surprise that he was also an author in the #IMAGINESBOOK! 🙂


What writing aspirations do you still hold?

At present, my main focus/pursuit is to secure an agent and publishing contract. So I’ve spent the last six months working hard with querying on both those fronts. I’ve had a lot of interest and am crossing my fingers at the moment over a very interested agent who may make an offer soon.

After that, my goal is three years from my official debut to quit the day job and transition into full time writing. Most writers who are pubbed will know this is going to be an INSANE goal to meet as majority of pubbed/established and accomplished authors to this day still work their day jobs and squeeze in writing. Financially, it’s hard to make writing your sole source of income, but I’m crazy like that – I like to push for impossible and make it possible. Or at least give it a valiant go.

As a romance writer – anyone who is a member of RWA knows about the RITAS which is basically the romance equivalent of the Oscars. The best of the best gather for an awards ceremony and climb up on stage to receive a gorgeous gold statue. Last year was my first time attending and I’d brought home one of the little chocolate replicas which now sits on my bookshelf until Ms. Rita decides to move in permanently.

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