Wattpad Block Party Author Interviews – @IngridAncona

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Welcome this interviewee… @IngridAncona


What is it about Wattpad that makes it such a wonderful forum for writers?

Wattpad allows the writer the freedom to create their story and share it with the world. I’m amazed that there have been readers from Europe, The Philippines, even as far as Africa that have read my stories. I also love the interaction one can have with readers. As a reader myself, I am happy to know I can ask the author questions about the story and they have been kind enough to respond. A few years ago there wasn’t that type of connection between reader and writer. In addition, the ability to add media to the stories have made posting the stories on Wattpad that much more fun.


What is your genre? Why do you love it?

My genre is romantic fanfiction. I love it because I love writing about romance with celebrities because who hasn’t had fantasies about being with someone famous? We have all dreamed about being rich and famous at some time, so why not dream about being with, say, a hot actor? Love is a universal emotion, and I think that is what draws me to write about it. I’m a hopeless romantic, what can I say?


What are some of your personal accolades and milestones you have reached with your writing?

Back in March I was invited to be a contributor for NaNoWriMo’s blog to be aimed at the writers who were joining Camp NaNoWriMo in April. My piece was titled Seeds of Inspiration and it was about ideas of where to find inspiration when you have encountered a block or those ideas are slow to come.

Is this your first Wattpad Block Party? How does it feel to take part for the first time? If you’ve participated before, what has participating in past Block Parties been like?

Yes, this is my first Wattpad Block Party and it feels exciting. If this was a real place, I think I would be able to sense the electricity in the air! I’m excited and looking forward to interacting with lots of great writers and readers out there and making new friends.


Who are some of your favorite Wattpad authors and why?

My favorites are Rebecca Sky and her novel Life According to Karma Rose. That is one good story, very unique and she’s such a wonderful lady.

Dalaina Renee known as willwrite4tacos. Her werewolf story Pounce had me engaged since the first chapter. She had asked me to make a trailer for her book and I was happy to oblige. Her merman tale Finn also is a wonderful romantic story. She’s a very good fantasy writer.


What writing aspirations do you still hold?

I am hoping to become a published writer this year. That is my dream and I am working hard to try and fulfill it by giving my readers quality work by constantly checking and improving myself in anyway that I can.

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