Wattpad Block Party SEII Author Interview: @arshidokadia


Are you ready for another exclusive Wattpad Block Party author interview? With the Summer Edition II of the popular Wattpad feature event less than two months away, contributory writers have been busy prepping their submissions, agonizing over content, and planning special give aways for readers and fans!

This author is no different. Meet @arshidokadia


What is it about Wattpad that makes it such a wonderful forum for writers?

It’s free. It’s easy to access. It is filled with varied audience which becomes a great place for honest feedback, critique and even at times for a pat on the back and flattery. But the best thing I find about the Wattpad Community is that all of the writers I have interacted with are extremely supportive and humble. You start reading and writing on Wattpad and in a matter of days it feels like home.


What is your genre? Why do you love it?

When I started writing, I wanted to write Fantasy or Paranormal. But Wattpad gave me chance to experiment.
My genre became General Fiction and ChickLit. It is Indian Fiction, to be honest. I consider my strenghts to be people and how they feel. Instead of a complicated plot, my stories revolve around humans and the problems they get into because of human nature. I have been told by many a readers that they love my books because the things that happen to my characters can totally happen to them. And I love the fact that they enjoy it. It is even more heartwarming when young girls message me asking for advice or saying how my protagonist has become their ideal. What else can a writer ask for?


What are some of your personal accolades and milestones you have reached with your writing?

When I started to write on Wattpad, I just wanted to know my work will be read. I don’t have a millions of reads but twenty thousand is quite good enough for me. My readership is quite involved in the story and I love the fact. Even if there are merely twenty dedicated readers it feels like a big milestone because I wasn’t expecting even that. Getting selected in the YourStoryIndia long list as well as Wattpad Block Party Winter Edition II and now again for Summer Edition II just shows that I am doing something right.
I have crossed many personal milestones. From a 100 votes to 1000 votes. And even completing a novel. And then writing a sequel. But I still feel like I have a long way to go.

Is this your first Wattpad Block Party? How does it feel to take part for the first time? If you’ve participated before, what has participating in past Block Parties been like?

This is my second party as a writer and third as a reader! Well, I won the Biggest Fan Contest in the Wattpad Block Party Summer Edition I. And it was amazing! I think the biggest advantage of participating in a Wattpad Block Party is the introduction and interaction with writer’s community. That kind of interactions is a dream come true for an aspiring writer.


Who are some of your favorite Wattpad authors and why?

Ah, well there are main stream authors on Wattpad, like Kelly Anne Blount, Erin Latimer, Monica Sanz, knightsrachel, fallzswimmer, DoNotMicrowavex and the thing with these authors is I admire them and seriously want to create masterpieces like them.

Then there are authors whose stories changed my life: For example: The Curves Ahead by BlondeandDangerous, KittyCrackers’ stories, striving_muslimah’s stories

Then there are authors who have become amazing friends like SparKling_DeWs, Akanksha Sharma, Krazy_Kiran, Meghu_die_beste, Niharika, and so many more. I have been introduced to amazing works and people through Wattpad and WattpadBlockParty.


What writing aspirations do you still hold?

Getting published. Having my work impact the lives of others. More than money and fame. I want my work to make a change

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