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Wattpad Block Party SEII Author Interview – @mnjgreenhill

Wattpad Block Party SEII Author Interview – @mnjgreenhill

Less than a month away, people! This is not a drill!

In only a few weeks time, the Wattpad Block Party Summer Edition II will begin, featuring special posts, articles and stories from some of your favorite Wattpad authors!

As a lead up, Fangirlish is featuring exclusive interviews with some of those lucky writers, giving you an inside scoop to those you can expect to see come August.

Welcome @mnjgreenhill!


What is it about Wattpad that makes it such a wonderful forum for writers?

Being much older than the average Wattpad user, the Wattpad experience was at first daunting.  When I started it seemed like I was the only person my age using the platform. Needless to say I was feeling quite ancient when I was trying to socialise in some of the clubs. However, over time I found I wasn’t the only one, and a whole new world opened to me.

The best thing about Wattpad is the community. There’s no other place that I am aware of where writers and readers can make personal connections and where you can get immediate feedback. I have had some wonderful dialogs with readers both young and old. What always amazes me is that they are from so many walks of life across the globe and, for many of them, English is a second (or third) language.

In addition, the writers within the community are remarkable. I have met some wonderful and talented writers who support and encourage others and give their time willingly to help others.


What is your genre? Why do you love it?

At the moment I would have to say that the genre I am most comfortable with is Paranormal Thriller. I love how I can bring out these worlds that exist only in my mind and bring them to life.

I enjoy weaving stories that are slightly unpredictable. There is nothing better than having a reader say ‘I didn’t expect that’.  I also love bringing characters to life, be it a protagonist or antagonist.  The ability for these characters to elicit emotions in readers has been the most amazing part of my writing journey. I’m not sure whether that’s a good or bad thing, especially as some of the stuff my antagonists get up to is pretty dark.

And, most of all, I love the fact that I get to set the rules and am not restricted by the real world in anyway.

What are some of your personal accolades and milestones you have reached with your writing?

For years I started and half-finished stories. My draws are full of manuscripts where I got to 30-50 thousand words and then self-doubt set in and it was shelved.

It wasn’t until I started posting to Wattpad that I actually finished something. I have now completed three full length novels and have two more in progress. This in itself was a major milestone in my writing and would not have happened if it wasn’t for this wonderful platform.

Unlike the majority of the writers featured in the Summer Block Party, I am not published, nor have I won any awards. However, something I am still stunned with, is that Masked, the story I started at the beginning of last year, is now a Wattpad Featured story and has over 1.7 million reads. Buried, the second story in the Masked series has spent some time in the Paranormal Hot List, reaching #2 – but never quite getting to the elusive #1 spot.

I also have another story, Chameleon in New York which has also done well in the ChickLit category. Which is a surprise, as I only wrote it to see if I could write a contemporary romance instead of staying in my comfort zone within the Paranormal Thriller genre.


Is this your first Wattpad Block Party? How does it feel to take part for the first time? If you’ve participated before, what has participating in past Block Parties been like?

This is my first time participating in the Block Party, and let me tell you I am absolutely thrilled to be included, although, at the same time I feel like an absolute fake… Have you seen the calibre of the authors participating?? At first when I got the email from Kelly Anne, I thought someone was playing a practical joke.

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I think this is a great opportunity for me to meet other writers that I would not normally run into and I am looking forward to it, while at the same time a little freaked out.


Who are some of your favorite Wattpad authors and why?

Wow! There are too many to name, and I am sure I’ll miss some of them.

The Wattpad authors I admire the most are the LOL35 ladies. Like me, many of them are working mothers and are endeavouring to refine their craft while juggling the stress of daily life. It is such a wonderful supportive group of women, and I have learnt so very much from them all. Not only are they fantastic, giving individuals, but they are talented writers.

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What writing aspirations do you still hold?

As with the majority of the writers on Wattpad, I would love to be published. So, right now, I am working on polishing Masked with the vision that I will either try and get it traditionally published, or failing that, I will go down the self-publishing route.

Once that’s done, I’ll take over the world *evil laugh*

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