Wattpad Book Review: Adore by @jhildey


ADORE by @jhildey

There are so many amazing works offered through Wattpad, that some times we find it hard to choose which ones to feature. But this week, for us, it was an easy choice. Very few people successfully pull of the perfect combination of fan fiction and mainstream. But our author this week did so, much to our gratitude.


Adore, by @jhildey is the story of Isabella, an Upper East Side princess of the perfect family, and Manhattan royalty. She has everything a girl could want, and yet is dissatisfied with it all. After graduating from NYU, and under pressure from her father to go in to business, Izzy makes the decision to move to London, to start a life of her own. With a modest job at a book store, she encounters Harry, a charming, but admittedly unattainable man who she is quickly attracted to. But Harry makes it clear, he is not one for relationships. Instead, a friendship forms.

Izzy begins to date Chase, the safe, and ‘perfect’ guy her family would adore. He is everything her father ever wanted for her; money, looks and power. But he does not give Izzy the spark she craves; a spark that she only gets from Harry.

As the book progresses, you find the heroine loving her new life in London, struggling against her feelings for Harry, while simultaneously watching as Harry himself begins to grow under her influence. With twists and turns you would never expect, Adore is the perfect merger of romance, drama and angst rolled into one delicious fan fiction.



The time progression the author presents is so perfectly executed, we’ve never seen anything quite like it. The transitions are done so seamlessly, you feel as though it is a movie playing on a screen.

The character growth is another area of impressive perfection, with Izzy turning from an idealistic child running off to London to spite her family, to a strong, independent woman who knows what she wants. And Harry, from a brooding, broken man sheltering himself from love, to one who is ready and willing to take that leap again.

Additionally, the growth of Harry’s character is so real, so touching, you feel for him as you slowly begin to learn more about this tortured soul. So much so, that our reviewer stated ‘I just want to hug Adore Harry so bad’.



Our reviewer struggled to find anything to put under this section, admittedly. The only thing she was able to say she wished there was more of, was struggle for the protagonist. Izzy has the perfect life in New York, mirrored then to an amazing life in London. With the exception of her love life, the girl has everything. It would have been nice to see a little more difficulty in other areas of her life.



Solid 9/10



‘In my opinion, this book should be published tomorrow. The way Jen is able to set true to life progression in such a natural way is awe inspiring and something I have yet to see in any other book. She sets up her twists so well, without foreshadowing or clichés, that it leaves you gasping.

But beyond that, is Jen herself. Despite her incredible success on Wattpad with millions of reads, she is still so humble, so welcoming, and so supportive of other writers and readers that it makes me love her more!

Hands down, my new obsession’.


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Read & Reviewed by Jay
Article by Kristi

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