Wattpad Book Review: ‘Breeder Nation’ by @KaraMichelle


It’s been a while since I’ve been able to sit down and read on Wattpad thanks to live seeming hell bent on making me mingle with reality. But recently I had a little time to sit back and fall back into the world of all things orange, and after making a rather extensive list of TBR Wattpad stories, I came across one that I immediately couldnt stop devouring.

By chapter four, I had already decided I needed to share this find with the Fangirlish audience. Dont worry, you can thank me later.

Breeder Nation by KaraMichelle brings the realm of dystopia with a modern and adult twist that had me intrigued by even just the blurb.

Check out said blurb:

Living in a world where the human race is dying off faster than it can reproduce, sixteen year old Maddie Ryan has started her period, an almost guaranteed sign of fertility. Knowing it's only a matter of time before the government finds out and forces her into the life of a Breeder, where her sole purpose will be to help repopulate the earth, she is faced with a harrowing decision. Does she willingly accept her fate or take matters into her own hands and run? Both options will tear her away from the life she has always known and from those she loves most, her parents and her best friend Travis, the boy who owns her heart.
For nineteen year old Travis Brennan there are only three people in this world who matter... his mother, his little sister Grace, and his best friend Maddie. Maddie's sudden disappearance not only forces him to confront his feelings for her, but leads to a chain of events that will forever alter the course of their lives.
As truths are revealed and lies are uncovered, Travis and Maddie will learn that there is much more at stake than they could have ever imagined.

The story follows the trials of a young woman who is faced with the difficult decision of accepting a fate she never wanted, or leaving everything she has ever known behind. Beyond just her family and home, she is leaving her best friend and secret love, who is left to deal with the aftermath and his own choices of what to do in her absence.

The duel point of view, showing Maddie on the run and her challenges of finding the Free Nation, matched against Travis and his own strides to find Maddie and save her from her fate as a Breeder, is a unique and thorough telling of the effects of the world from two different perspectives. As most stories of this nature keep with one MC, following their trials, this choice allows you to not only keep tabs on Maddie and her race, but also how the world effects those who are not faced with the fate of a Breeder, but the impacts of loving someone who is.

The story is shockingly similar to Margaret Atwoods iconic Handmaids Tale, but with a young adult twist. The totalitarian government ruling over the choices and bodies of women, using them as nothing more than reproductive products in light of human natures downfall at their own hands. While in Handmaid, STIs and pollution caused sterilization, BN was faced with a virus to which an antidote was created, but no time was given to test. In turn, the result was sterility in the majority of the female population, leaving the race down from 7 billion to virtually nil. Maddie and Travis live in Los Angeles, with no knowledge of any other colonies of people still in the world.

But as each move further along their own path, they find more secrets than they expected, and realize that it is not just a race for freedom, but so much more.


The originality of the subject matter, delivered for a young adults that thrusts them into a world shockingly parallel to some political fare we are facing now is brilliant. With recent law changes limiting womens rights and say in their own bodies, BN is no longer just a concept of fantasy. Maddie is a strong character, but not infallible, as she stumbles her way through finding her freedom. The majority of the story finds the two romantic characters hundreds of miles apart, and yet the way they are tied together throughout the story is artfully done.

And, it won a Watty in 2016…yup, its that good.


Granted, the comparison to Handmaid is 100% a compliment, but for some, might be too close. I found myself flickering back to Atwoods classic many times, and sometimes losing my path in the story in front of me due to the similarity. Granted, this is again NOT a bad thing, just an observation. If anything, for those who loved one, you should read the counterpart and see the parallel.




As a lover of dystopian young adult worlds, this one is done so perfectly and uniquely created that I couldnt put it down. Maddie and Travis both take the path that is best for them, end up miles apart, and yet you still feel them so closely connected it is like they are still side by side. The writers did a wonderful job, and I highly recommend this to anyone who loves dystopia

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