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The New Adult genre of fiction is quickly becoming the hottest new trend in reading, with books focusing on the 18-25 age group. College life, coming of age, and learning to forge your own path are all things that people in this collection can relate to, and with countless incredible reads both on the general market and without the Wattpad community available, it is no secret that this group of readers is the next power house of the book world.

In this, a whole new avenue of writing has emerged, giving writers within this age range and beyond a whole new demographic to focus on. One such writer is @LilyFullyLiving, with her spectacular hit The Contract, which is currently rated #1 in Chick Lit on Wattpad!

The story is of Eva, a biracial girl looking to make her way in the world. A recent college graduate, she quickly learns that sometimes that piece of paper isn’t enough to secure your future. After countless job interviews and efforts, it seems as though the gates have parted; Eva lands an interview with her dream company.

But what she isn’t expecting is the offer she receives. Not for a position, but as a surrogate. Powerful millionaire CEO Frederick offers her the quintessential indecent proposal: one million dollars to carry his baby to term.

With Frederick in a relationship with model girlfriend Karlie, it would seem like a simple no strings attached arrangement. But as time goes on, Eva finds herself pregnant, betrayed, and facing realities she never expected.

It turns out that Frederick did not just come in to her life by chance…



The writing was an easy read, for sure. Fast paced, excellent tone, it is easy to see why this book is so popular. There was no struggling with keeping up with the scenes, no drawn out dramas, and even though there was no lack of intensity, you didn’t come out on the other side feeling exhausted for the effort.

Additionally, the protagonist being a biracial woman was an excellent change of pace. Diversity in books is sorely needed, both within the characters represented and the authors behind them. Great addition to this read, in our reviewers opinion



Can be a little cliché. Although at times humorous, and understandable, our reviewer couldn’t get away from the feeling of a supermarket read. Not that that should be considered a bad thing in any way, mind you. And realistically, the story line was so intense the cheese did tend to lighten the subject matter.

The subject matter itself was another issue. Not bad, just…different. So shocking and like nothing we have read before, you find yourself wondering if such a situation could ever, or has ever, actually occurred.



Reviewers COMMENTS

Fun read. As someone who reads a lot of fan fiction, this was a great and refreshing change of pace. The author has a talent for creating scenes that make you feel as though you are there in the story, and even though at times you are literally screaming ‘what the hell!?’ you never feel it lacking.


Read & Reviewed by JAY
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