Wattpad Book Review: Dichotomy by @TKSeven


44056855-176-k199883The beauty of alternate universe fan fiction is the ability to take a celebrity that you adore, and place them in a world that they wouldn’t necessarily be. Whether historical, space, fantasy, or just a slight twist of their usual, blending the familiar characteristics of a beloved star with that of the world created by a writer is a thrilling part of the craft.


This is epitomized in this weeks review with Dichotomy my @TKSeven. Harry Styles is taken, purely in the physical and character, and placed in to character of Rafe Gallagher. Charismatic, charming, rock star God. Sounds pretty accurate, right?

Here is a peak….


London (Lundy) Moran was an intelligent, self-assured fundraiser for the World Charities Foundation. Being an aesthetically beautiful woman she had fought long and hard to be taken seriously in a profession commonly dominated by men. After a traumatic break-up from a long standing personal relationship she was completely focused on her career. The last thing she was looking for was love, but that didn’t mean it wasn’t going to find her anyway.


Rafe Gallagher was the lead singer and creative energy behind the most successful phenomenon to hit the music scene since The Rolling Stones. The band Closer Distance, and more specifically Gallagher himself, had been breaking records and garnering every critically acclaimed and fan supported award relevant to their genre for the better part of a decade. Rafe, unlike the stereotypical rock star, was humble to a fault, considering his status as the most sought after bachelor in the world of entertainment with looks that could only be described as otherworldly and the charm to match.


Important to point out, which thankfully the author does, is that this is purely Harry in a characteristic stand point. The band he is a part of is nothing like that of One Direction, instead more of a Jared Leto in 30 Seconds to Mars


Rafe Gallagher looks like a slightly older Harry Styles; his sweetness, immense sensuality and humble presence are indicative of Harry. Reflective of Jared Leto is his more mature rock edge. The band, Closer Distance, is patterned more towards 30 Seconds to MARS rather than One Direction since the music is more rock oriented


The premise, of course is intriguing, so when our reviewer, Jay, started reading, she thought it would be an easy one. Barely fifteen chapters in, she was hooked, emotional, and leaving voice notes that would be the highlight of any embarrassing memory reel played at her wedding.



The writing is so undeniably human, with dialogue and quotes that make you feel as though you are there with the characters. You can feel yourself falling in love as they do, with the descriptions so clear it is like a movie playing in your mind.

The back and forth, banter with the characters, and way it is written allows a unique view in to what they are thinking.

Additionally, the way the author encompassed tour life was exquisite. So realistic, it was as though you were in Almost Famous, living the life behind the scenes.



Sometimes Rafe can be a bit of a pushover, but on the same token you can see how that would be real when feeling as he does.

At times, things moved along a little fast, but it is reminiscent of ‘when you know you know’ of falling in love…a love at first sight feeling.






“I honestly recommend that you read this book. Probably my favorite book I have ever read on Wattpad. It is amazing, hands down the best book I have read in the last year…that THAT is saying something”

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