Wattpad Book Review: Hiding Out in Hollywood by @JenniferFarwell


Hiding Out in Hollywood by @JenniferFarwell


The impressive variety of works on Wattpad is extensive, leaving those of us in love with fiction with no real shortage of books to spend our time pouring over. Whether fan fiction, teen fiction, chick lit or supernatural fantasy, the quality of stories on this forum is never ending.

Keeping with our theme of giving you the best and brightest in the Wattpad vault, this weeks feature had our reviewer swooning and laughing from page one.

The general concept of the story is the Hollywood life. Emily Watts has turned her back on everything Hollywood, following a rather public and horrific experience with singer Cory. Their romance was the top of Page Six, the fallout leaving a bad taste in her mouth for anything fame. Instead, Emily turns her sights to her fashion column, and the serenity of yoga.

This is where she meets Raine; handsome, charming, and everything you could want…except for the fact that he is the most sought after new actor in Hollywood. A connection to him could ruin everything Emily has worked so hard to remove herself from, and cost her the anonymity she craves.

When she finally gives in, finding keeping her new romance under a veil of secrecy easier than she thought, everything turns on its head. Rivalries, old grudges, and the horrid Hollywood tabloids are quick to bring her back to their focus.

Will Emily choose the new love that makes her happier than she ever expected? Or fight to keep the normalcy that she craved enough to leave it all for once already?


The dialogue is real, fast paced, and quirky. The quips and banter with the characters is so relatable and real it makes you feel as though they are true to life. Dialogue can make or break a book, and in this case, it is a solid win.


The only flaw in this one was a lacking in a bit of detail that could have pushed this book over the edge in to greatness. Some areas lacked content, using insinuations rather than complete scene descriptions. It may not have been a key point in the overall story, but for a reader, you want to fall in to every aspect of the characters. This limited detail leaves that gap in the experience.



Reviewers COMMENTS

The writing made it for the reviewer. Easy to read, fast paced and real, with no grammatical errors to trip you up as you read made it quickly an addictive and easy to follow work. An absolute must read!


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