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Wattpad Book Review: No Control by @scooby-snacks

Wattpad Book Review: No Control by @scooby-snacks

NO CONTROL by @scooby-snacks

For anyone who has read this story, we’re sure its not surprise that it is being featured here. It has graced our timelines often, and those who have recommended it to others have been bombarded with messages afterwards, the new reader just as addicted as the original. It is its own phenomenon, and as far as we are concerned…rightly so!

It starts out as a fair number of fan fictions do…girl goes to party, meets object of pop culture desire, two end up dating. Jess is a normal girl, who has been obsessed with Harry Styles for years. So, of course, this turn of events is a fan girls dream come true. But what is unique, is the honesty involved in such a reality; merging your personal, usually private and typical life, with that of fame, paparazzi, and the insanity of being linked to Harry Styles.

The tag line is what really grabbed me, drawing you in like a moth to a flame:

What really goes on behind the scenes of the biggest boyband in the world? It’s all about to be revealed…”


The one thing our reviewer kept repeating over and over when she read the book was how it was the most real, most accurate portrayal of the real Harry Styles she had ever encountered. And I feel the need to mention that this is a girl who reads at least four or five Wattpad books a week…this praise may not seem like much, but coming from our connoisseur, trust me, it is a big deal. Rachel has an insight to Harry that is unmatched by any other fan fiction writer we’ve seen, and gives you the feeling of knowing him in a way that is so much more than just a story.

The main character in Jessica Bradshaw is the everyday girl…she is all of us, thrown into a situation we all dream of. You want to be in her shoes, to live the life she finds herself in; being Harry Styles girlfriend. But what is so relatable, is how real Jess is. She fan girls, then smacks herself in the forehead. She struggles with the learning curve of the celebrity lifestyle, reminding us all that when you look beyond the dream of dating someone like Harry, there is the reality. And it isn’t always easy.

Additionally, is the fact that Rachel follows a real timeline of the One Direction story; real events, appearances and occurrences are dictated out in her book, making the whole thing almost eerily true to life, but in the best way possible. The talent that such a technique requires is difficult to find, but Rachel masters it easily.


Admittedly, it is cliché. A lot. You find yourself cringing at times, but usually more because of just how bloody real Jess’s reactions are.

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The evolution is quick; much quicker than reality would dictate, but it becomes so good, so enthralling, you will be obsessed quickly. It is hard to follow a timeline, create back story, fall in love, and not have things happen a little quick.

The RATING: 8.5/10

Reviewer COMMENTS: Obsessive. I was completely drowning in the spell of this story, and I was thankful the entire time. Despite the slightly cliché parts, a few that had me frowning, I would change on a dime to be screaming at my iPad, almost falling off my chair by the next page. It was funny, intriguing, and the most accurate real life portrayal of One Direction, and especially Harry Styles, Ive ever read. Plus, Rachel is a doll, so that helps when you fall in love with the writer as much as their work.



Read & Reviewed by: Jay   Article by: Kristi

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