Wattpad Book Review: The Presidents Daughter by @LovesMystery


5093947-176-k677751  The Presidents Daughter by @LovesMystery

Its time for another fabulous fic rec by our amazing reviewer, Jay. This time, she takes a things in a different direction…still One Direction, but Britain meets America.


Liam Payne is known as Daddy Direction…always focused, always in control, the one who keeps everyone on track. Even when his love life falls apart, his take charge nature moves him from one girl to another, all in the hopes of finding the right one. But is the Presidents daughter a little more than even Liam can handle? She is rebellious, and challenges Liam beyond anything he has experienced…but can they mend each other in the process?


The intro sets the scene perfectly:


Ever since Liam and Danielle broke up, he’s moved from one ‘Damsel in Distress’ to the next. But when the boys perform at the White House Easter Show, life takes him in a whole new direction when the President’s daughter attracts his attention. But is he biting off more than he can chew with her? Because this First Daughter is known for her rebellious streak. Will he be able to help change her for the better or will she end up being too much for Daddy Direction?




Honestly, the cute factor is off the charts.

Also, Elodie is a strong character, who despite her poor choices and bad behavior, stands up for what she believes in, and is never a truly bad person at heart. You find yourself wanting her to change, rooting for her and hoping for things to work out for her and Liam.




As with many fan fictions, the slight touch of cliché Daddy Direction is a little…sigh. But it was a good example of the first generation of fan fictions, which suited that time period in the fandom.








LovesMystery will always be one of my favorite authors. It is these original fan fiction authors that I truly wish to read more of…the genuine ‘first fics club’.


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