Wattpad Book Review: Triton by @Im-a-thief



The beauty of alternate universe fan fictions is the ability and endless opportunity of writers to put their fav celebs in to any situation. They don’t have to conform to the realities of their current lives, as singers, actors or whatever has brought them in to the limelight, and to our attention. Additionally, is the creative outlet available to writers to create lives for these ‘characters’ that are sometimes so far from their celebrity persona, that it only increases the intrigue.


Triton by @Im-a-thief is one of these stories. Harry Styles, our loveable, sweet, hair donating cupcake is not the perfect example of the chivalrous stand up gentleman we equate him to be in real life. Instead, he is something else entirely. But that does not diminish his appeal, and if anything, the world created in this fiction only heightens our interest.


Harry is a small time drug dealer who has just been recruited by one of the East Coast’s most notorious gangs. Arden is an Ivy League educated veterinarian, but is she smart enough to stay away from Harry?

When you’re member of the Tritons you follow orders or you die.



The story was incredibly well developed, and the writer was excellent. It is an edge of your seat ride, and it was obvious the research that was done for this time of story. The character of Harry is so far from what you know and expect of him, that it only increases the draw.


The female character could have been a little stronger.

And as we mentioned, the character of Harry in this story is quite a stretch from his persona in real life. So if you are looking for cupcake Harry, this maybe isn’t your read. But if you’re looking for AU with Harrys characteristics, then this is a winner.




Genuinely a great read, and something you can really get behind. It is enthralling and is a quick, easy read that will keep you captivated!




Read & Review by JAY
Article by KRISTI

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