Wattpad Book Review: The Underground by @JenYarrington



The Underground

By @JenYarrington


There is no shortage of One Direction fan fictions on Wattpad, or any other online writing forum. Anyone who frequents any of these reading supersites can attest to that. But what many may find is the lack of stories about certain members of bands…

Well, we have found one for you! A story featuring the lovely Louis Tomlinson, The Underground by @JenYarrington had our reviewer squealing and obsessing until 4am. Here is why…


Ashten is the rich girl. She has everything she could ever want; money, influence, access to private jets, designer clothes, and a boyfriend who adores her. But then she meets Louis, the pool boy, and everything she thought she knew is turned upside down.

Louis teaches her how to live; how to really live, without the protective borders of affluence and money. He shows her a new life, and helps her come in to her own.

But everything is far from perfect, as she stumbles over how to balance her wealth with Louis’ reluctance to be a part of that side of her life; and later, she learns that Louis’ appearance in her

life was far from coincidence.

The tag line in the story says it all

In which a rich and very spoiled socialite begins to discover that there is more to life than her shallow existence.



The grammar is the true tell of a mature author. Someone who knows true writing quality, and makes it seem perfectly effortless.

The character progression is excellent, mimicking real life development at a natural pace.

So many books use sex to sell. But this one is different; with the sexual relationship not coming in to play until late in the story, it proves that you don’t need to throw sex at readers to have an amazing book that will have them captivated!



It was honestly difficult for the reviewer to find anything to mention in this category, so admittedly, this is a nit picking.

It was a little slow at times, the true movement of the story not really coming in until the second or third chapter. But the development is so perfect, you understand why.



Solid 9.25

Read & Review by JAY
Article by KRISTI

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