Wattpad Excerpt Mondays: ‘Special Friends’ by @PAKfiction

No secret that we love Wattpad. We’re blessed because every Monday we will start to feature some of the greatest fan fiction on Wattpad. This week we are starting with some Stiles/Lydia fan fic!

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Wattpad: Special Friends

“Uh, yeah. We’re friends. Do you do this with all your friends or is Isaac the one who gets to hold your bra on Tuesdays?”

The fangirls here at Fangirlish have been obsessing over fanfic lately so in partnership with Wattpad writers, we will be regularly publishing excerpts from fics that we love! This week, Special Friends, a Teen Wolf Stiles/Lydia fic by @panicattackkisses:

“Uh, yeah. We’re friends. Do you do this with all your friends or is Isaac the one who gets to hold your bra on Tuesdays?” He winked, teasing and baiting the banshee as she pursed her lips in return.

Lydia waited until the laughter that rose to her lips at question disappeared.

She did not enjoy giving Stiles’ the satisfaction of making her laugh – she tried to limit it to at least eight times a day.

God forbid she allowed him to have any more control over her emotions than he already did.

“No, don’t be so silly”, she drawled coyly, letting herself stretch out languidly across him. Her bare feet rubbed the back of his denim clad calf innocently. Stiles’ lips twitched at her actions and he gazed up at her accusingly through his ridiculously long lashes.

“We’re special friends – only special friends do this”, her lips fell into a pout and she winked at Stiles in the most dramatic fashion she could muster, “besides, I acquire Isaac’s assistance on Friday’s, not Tuesday’s…”

“I’m confiscating the gummy worms and so help me god woman, if you think you’re getting any ice cream”.

Lydia fell back into the cushions as her smile broke free and she laughed loudly and freely – the way that Stiles’ once told her he adored.

“Your cheeks go all pink and you look so happy. You look fucking gorgeous, Lydia”.

“I apologize, friend”.

“Apology accepted, friend”, he handed her the gummy worms.

When the door rang to signal the arrival of pizza, Lydia still hadn’t told Stiles why he didn’t have a date on Valentine’s Day.

“But you always have a date, like literally every year…” Stiles, pushed himself off of the kitchen counter, making his way to answer the door as the pizza boy insisted on pressing the bell repeatedly, “Jesus, this guy’s in a hurry – HEY!”

Lydia froze in the hallway, looking at Stiles with wide eyes and her purse in hand. Stiles stood with one hand on the door handle whilst the other was pointed accusingly at Lydia.
His expression was one of complete shock.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?!” He protested with a flail of his hand. Lydia simply rose her eyebrows in response.

She gestured to her purse.”Paying for my half of the pizza?”

“I am not opening this door with you standing there like that”, Stiles pointed to her bare legs and the long expanse of porcelain skin that was exposed.

Lydia made a noise that was halfway between a laugh and a sigh of exasperation.

“You’re kidding me, right?”

“Are you actively aiming to give this dude a heart attack? Or were you aiming for a seizure?”

Lydia merely spluttered and raised her arms in defeat, dropping her purse back into her back. She shuffled past an adamant Stiles and walked through to the living room, yelling behind her. “Okay, dad!”

“Special friend!” Stiles yelled back as he opened the door to a confused and impatient delivery guy.

“…Sorry bro”.

“I’ve heard weirder things tonight”.

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