#Wattpad Fridays: ‘The Gap Year’ by @OhSoSmitho


Our Blurb: Ally Buckle has pacing and storytelling down to a science. She writes a captivating story – one that you look forward to every update. The Gap Year is the start to a beautiful story that we can’t wait to read the entire way through.

Overall Rating: 5/5

What We’ve Read Through: We wrote this as she had through Chapter 14 done.

Synopsis: Emma thought the Corfu sun would bring her a great tan and relaxation during her Gap Year before starting Medical School. But working the package holiday conveyor belt as one of Select Holidays Representative’s is proving more heat stroke and headache than an endless working vacation. With no friends except for her roommate Katie and Dave the Head Rep, Emma is ready to abandon the lingering sweat and mosquitoes and hand in her notice, until a trip to the Doctors introduces her to final year medic Liam. And why does the barman at Zorb’s bar keep staring at her all the time? Will Emma stay to find out?

What We Liked: Ally’s stories have amazing pacing. It’s one thing that this author has down pat. She can captivate you with the innocence and vulnerability of her characters. You can’t help but get sucked in and want to stay in her world.

What We Didn’t Like: It’s not that we didn’t like anything – we just had to Google some slang, cause we aren’t British.

WTF Moment: We haven’t reached that moment yet, but we are sure that we will get there.

Overall Thoughts: We can’t reiterate enough how amazing a writer Ally is. She makes you feel like you are in the world that she is writing, experiencing the life that her characters are experiencing.

Hot Guy Rating: It’s Harry Styles. Need I say more?

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